EMF protection devices for cell phones

Cell phone protection tends to focus on protecting your cell phone from scratches, drops, water damage, and all the terrible fates that befall our poor phones. But EMF protection devices for cell phones are focussed on protecting you from your phone.

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency or field. It’s how your cell phone works – it powers the wireless connection to the network or to WiFi. Electrical devices always give off a little EMF but mobile phones put out much more and it’s an integral part of how they work. Because it is part of the EMF spectrum and is a form of radiation, it’s often called mobile phone radiation.

Why do we need EMF protection devices for cell phones?

The problem is that EMF is increasingly being linked to health issues including male infertility. In one study some experts compared mobile phone radiation to “cooking” sperm.

X-rays are another form of EMF radiation and we all know how their use is restricted because it can cause damage when it passes through the body. EMF radiation from cell phones seems to be doing the same thing – damaging cells and DNA when it passes through your body.

Your cell phone’s electromagnetic field extends about six inches from your phone. Think about how often you are within six inches of your phone – and what body parts are. Keeping your phone in your pocket or on a belt means it is right against your body, sometimes for hours a day. And for the gentlemen, it is within six inches of a vulnerable spot.

Sperm are constantly being made and need a specific environment to do well. They are susceptible to all sorts of changes in the body, to heat, and to EMF.

What happens when sperm are exposed to EMF? They can die, their DNA can be malformed, they can become weak, they can be damaged so that they are not strong enough or cannot swim properly. These problems add together to lower a man’s sperm count – the number of viable, “get the job done” sperm that he has.

Which is why you need EMF protection devices for cell phones.

What kinds of EMF protection devices for cell phones are there?

You want your EMF protection devices for cell phones to be backed up by hard science. Charms, stickers and the like, have absolutely no scientific method to them.

Anti-radiation phone cases like WaveWall work using the well-known scientific discovery of the Faraday cage, a way to block electromagnetic radiation. WaveWall products are independently tested and verified. It blocks 85% of EMF without affecting how the phone is used. The WaveWall Universal fits the majority of cell phone makes and models.

Instead of putting the protection on the phone, you might prefer putting the protection on yourself. The SYB shielded boxers do the same job as an anti-radiation case for your phone but on your privates. They are made of soft cotton threaded with silver that blocks the radiation.

This method protects you not only from your own cell phone’s EMF but from everyone else’s too.

Now you know why you need protection as well as some of your options for EMF protection devices for cell phones.

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