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Mobile radiation is a potentially serious health issue! The little plastic rectangle in your pocket is a technological marvel that connects you to the world. But the radiation it generates can also connect you to a range of health risks.

Protect yourself with WaveWall’s range of protective Anti-Radiation phone cases.

Mobile phones and accessories have become a common part of everyday life for most of us. But many of us are unaware of just how damaging mobile phone radiation can be to our health.

The World Health Organisation has classified mobile phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic” and numerous studies have linked this kind of radiation to an increased risk of infertility and even some forms of cancer.

Fortunately, our laboratory-tested accessories are scientifically proven to prevent mobile phone radiation from getting absorbed by your body, leveraging innovative patent-pending electromagnetic absorption technologies and harnessing quality materials to combine style and finesse with function.

Our Universal Phone Case will fit a wide range of smart phones while also leaving space for your cash, credit and debit cards. Our Flip Case also protects your body and your head when in use. Alternatively, use the discreet WaveWall Card and position it between your phone and your body to protect yourself from 87% of your phone’s radiation when it’s in your pocket.

Most of us struggle to navigate our working and social lives without our phones. Our range of phone cases ensures that you can enjoy all of your phone’s capabilities without exposing yourself to dangerous radiation. Those who often use their mobile phones with headphones for hands-free calls or listening to music may want to use our phone cases in combination with WaveWall Air Tube Headsets.

  • Independently tested
  • Suitable for a range of different phones
  • Protects you from 85%-87% of mobile phone radiation
  • Stylish & discreet
  • 24 month durability guarantee

Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

WaveWall Universal


Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

WaveWall Flip


Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

WaveWall Card


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