Study Summary and Analysis: Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic

Study summary and analysis written by Ann E. Laubscher, M.A.

This post is a summary and analysis of an independent scientific study titled “Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic: The implications for the epidemiology of cancer and cardiac, neurological and reproductive effects.“.

Dr. Neil Cherry, at the request of a group of members of European Parliament compiled over 170 pieces of scientific theory and research regarding the health effects of microwave, radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The comprehensive results, presented on June 29, 2000 to the European Parliament are convincing and frightening. In general, results conclude that there is no safe level of exposure for even low level radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.

Several biological systems are effected by emissions from cell phones, cell towers, radio towers, and electrical lines. Cells are biologically electrical in nature. They function and communicate through the interaction of positive and negative charges. Therefore, it is natural that they are sensitive and responsive to externally initiated electrical impulses.

At an intracellular level, DNA repair is affected by exposure to EMR. When DNA repair is ineffective, and apoptosis, or cell death, does not occur, the transcription process, in which a cell copies a portion of DNA strand for replication, develops a mutation. This can lead to tumor development, miscarriage and reproductive complications. “Any substance that damages DNA or chromosomes, or changes genetic activity, is genotoxic because it is acting on the same material, i.e. the DNA molecule. A genotoxic substance is mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic.”

Beyond the individual cell, EMR and RF exposure can also lead to changes in the calcium channels located in the gaps between cells. The communication between cells relies on the functioning of calcium ion channels, and when disturbed, can lead to disturbances in melatonin synthesis, critical to many biological systems in humans. Melatonin is necessary for healthy immune systems, sleep cycles, and hormone production. The effects of exposure as evidenced in fifteen studies on RF exposure and 13 studies on EMR exposure include a reduction of melatonin. Additionally, some studies describe an increase in serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for emotional and central nervous system regulation.

Melatonin is essential for cardiac health, maintenance of day night cycles, and the healthy functioning of all major organ systems.

Another complication regarding calcium ion fluctuations occurs in proto oncogenes, or cancer genes. EMR alters the homeostatic state of the calcium ions, which changes the way cells respond to their environment. When those changes occur, the activity of the cancer genes were shown to be “enhanced in multiple independent experiments from ELF and RE/MW exposure including cell phone radiation.” Cancer genes that may otherwise lay dormant can become active.

At a systemic level, exposure to EMR and RF correlates with Multiple Sclerosis, neurological problems including suicide, cardiac issues, and reproductive problems. Because the effects of EMR and RF include changes to DNA and chromosomal health, increases in miscarriage are associated. The biological system is sensitive, responsive, and electrical in nature. Exposure to electrical sources such as cell phones, towers, and power lines upsets the delicate nature of the cellular system. Although dismissed by many governing bodies, those changes affect human biology through genotoxic, neurological, cardiac, and reproductive systems.


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