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SYB Shielded Boxers

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If you’re looking for a 24/7 protection from wireless radiation for your private parts, look no further.

The statistics make scary reading: Infertility affects one in 25 men. One in five young men aged between 18 and 25 have abnormally low sperm counts and are at risk of infertility.

You need to protect yourself. Male infertility is a global epidemic and it’s being linked to one of the most popular and fastest growing technologies in the world: mobile phones.

Study after study is coming out that links mobile phone radiation and male infertility.

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Because sperm are constantly developing – and so close to where a lot of men keep their phone in a trouser pocket – they are especially susceptible to being battered by mobile phone radiation. Anti-radiation boxers are the answer to shielding your sperm!

That radiation has been shown to damage sperm motility – that’s how well they move – and sperm viability – how strong and healthy they are – as well as testosterone levels.

Shield your most important assets from mobile phone radiation with anti-radiation boxers

The SYB Shielded Boxers are radio frequency (RF) shielded to protect from mobile phone and WiFi radiation.

Our environment is full of radiation from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and all our wireless gadgets. Every day you are surrounded by these invisible frequencies that threaten your body. So you need round-the-clock protection.

SYB Shielded Boxers are the simplest and most complete way to protect your body against wireless and mobile phone radiation. They block 99% of all radiation from reaching your body, keeping your sperm and reproductive system safe.

The innovative design utilises an incredibly high level of pure silver that deflects the radiation. Plus they are comfortable and flexible with soft, odour-killing fabric that has a hidden superpower of anti-radiation shielding.

The SYB Shielded Boxers offer your manhood an outstanding level of protection from the wireless rays zapping your sperm!

Contains: 42% silver, 55% cotton and 5% nylon

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