Why We Created an Anti-Radiation Phone Case

WaveWall was born from our own personal concern on discovering the latest science about mobile radiation and male infertility.

Mobile phones produce harmful radiation

It is now clear that the electromagnetic radiation your phone emits when sending any form of data may be harmful. Even when you’re not using your phone to talk, it regularly ‘checks in’ with radio masts, updates its position and searches for the nearest cell to get the best reception. All of which means sending data and producing radiation that is absorbed by your sensitive body tissues.

Radiation damages sperm function

For men who keep their phone in their trouser pocket, ‘sensitive body tissues’ includes the most delicate of all – your testicles. So there’s radiation going to a part of your body that you certainly do not want damaged. Mobile radiation may harm sperm, and if, like most men, you’re attached to the idea of fatherhood one day, you can’t risk your sperm being harmed.

With one in five people worldwide owning a smartphone, mobile radiation adds up to a major reproductive health concern. Which is why we developed WaveWall.

WaveWall protects you from radiation

Our innovative anti-radiation phone case protects your genitals by blocking the harmful electromagnetic radiation your phone emits. WaveWall lets you use your mobile safely, without interfering with the phone’s ability to send and receive data.

Get a WaveWall. Protect your manhood.

If you’re a man with a mobile phone, what are you waiting for? Get a WaveWall anti-radiation phone case and protect your manhood!

Because mobile radiation is a worldwide problem, we ship worldwide!

Using the WaveWall anti-radiation phone case will protect your manhood from your cell phone's harmful rays!