Can Phone Radiation Cause Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is not a common cancer. There are about 2000 new cases of testicular cancer each year in the UK and survival rates are excellent at around 98%. But of course, any kind of cancer is scary to consider. We should all work actively to reduce our chances of any cancer, so, can phone radiation cause testicular cancer?

One aspect of this is altering our mobile phone usage. The World Health Organisation changed their tact around mobile phone radiation labelling it as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” This means they believe there’s a chance it could cause cancer in anyone.

The WHO has conceded, along with many scientists, that we should take action on this potential public health timebomb. We already know of some of mobile phone radiation’s harmful effects, for example, we know that mobile phone radiation has been known to cause male infertility. This leads many to ask whether it can cause testicular cancer as well.

Phone Radiation and Cancer

Obviously, mobile phones are extremely common now, almost universal in fact. Almost half the world owns a smartphone, and this is only forecast to rise year on year.

Not only do so many of us own smartphones, but we use them for such long periods of time also, up to hours every day. Even when we’re not using our smartphone, the chance is it’s in our pocket, or nearby us on a desk or table.

Naturally, this raises questions about whether or not mobile phone usage in these levels is safe for us. This has been a hotly debated subject as mobile phones and telecoms are huge businesses and evidence that they might be harmful could be extremely damaging. There has been much speculation as to whether regulators have deliberately glossed over the facts when it comes to mobile phone radiation when in reality, it is worse for us than we generally think it is.

If you’d like to read more about the current state of evidence surrounding mobile phone health risks, then check out this post. 

Some key points of discussion centre around increasing breast, thyroid and testicular cancer rates, especially in younger people. These correlate to the usual carrying or usage positions of mobile phones.

Can Phone Radiation Cause Testicular Cancer and Other Cancers?

Cancer is caused by mutations in cells that then form tumours and can spread across the body. We know mobile phone radiation damages cells and DNA, which is how it affects fertility.

Sperm is particularly vulnerable to mobile phone radiation because it is constantly developing. It needs very specific conditions to do well. Mobile phones disrupt those conditions. But that alone doesn’t mean phone radiation causes testicular cancer. Sperm aren’t involved in testicular cancer. Most testicular cancer is “germ cell testicular cancer.” This is cancer of the cells involved in producing the sperm, not the sperm itself.

The official stance on testicular cancer risk factors is unclear. We are simply not able to say with any clarity whether or not mobile phones have any effect on this type of cancer specifically.

Cancer Research UK says that, “Testicular cancer is not clearly linked to any preventable risk factors.”

While we are making great strides in combating cancer there is still much we don’t understand about the disease. Opinion is divided on whether phone radiation can cause cancer. One of the major problems is that we don’t have enough long-term data yet.

However, the landscape of this is changing and more scientists are warning against the links between mobile phones and cancer.

For sure, the best cause of action is to act now and reduce risk.

Based on the potential risk, some men might want an anti-radiation mobile phone case to protect not only their sperm from radiation but potentially their testicles too. All men should check themselves regularly and see a GP if there is any swelling, a lump, or a change in shape or texture.

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