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13 proven free ways to protect yourself from EMF

13 Ways - Side By Side

Get our 13 proven free ways to
protect yourself from EMF

13 Ways - Side By Side
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Get our 13 proven free ways

to protect yourself from EMF

13 Ways - Side By Side


WaveWall brings you a range of products that provide protection from harmful EMF exposure. Our anti-radiation phone cases, airtube headsets, laptop radiation shields and other EMF protection products help you to protect your health from radiation. We use a unique fabric made from metal fibres that creates a protective layer in all of our products. Independently tested to confirm their effectiveness, WaveWall products prevent damage to your cells and DNA.

Studies have shown that radiation from mobile phones and other devices could increase the rate of infertility in men. In fact, the statistics show that one in five young men between the ages of 18 and 25 are at risk of infertility due to abnormal sperm counts. With one in 25 men affected by infertility, it’s essential to address the causes. Infertility is caused by reduced sperm movement, poor sperm health, and low testosterone levels. EMF (electromagnetic fields) from mobile phones and other connected devices, such as laptops, could be a key cause of all three.

Some studies have even shown that EMF radiation could be linked to different types of cancer, including brain tumours and breast cancer.

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Sperm Motility

Sperm Motility

Numerous scientific studies have shown that exposure to mobile radiation reduces the amount of rapid progressive motile sperm.


Sperm Viability

Sperm Viability

Both in-vitro and in-vivo studies add to the growing evidence that mobile radiation can affect the viability of sperm.


Testosterone Levels

Research shows that exposure to electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone reduces levels of serum testosterone.


DNA Damage


As well as sperm, mobile phone radiation, WiFi radiation, and low frequency radiation, can all damage cells and DNA.


EMF stands for electromagnetic field. All of the electronic products that you own emit an amount of electromagnetic field radiation. The level emitted depends on the function of the electronic device, which could be anything from a mobile phone or computer to a hairdryer. EMFs are a byproduct of energy transmission; as electricity moves in one direction, magnetism moves in the other.

There are two types of energy levels along an electromagnetic spectrum. Ionising radiation includes ultraviolet light, X-rays, and radioactive elements. Non-ionising radiation (EMF) is low-energy and includes many everyday devices, such as mobile phones, TVs, and FM and AM radio frequencies.

While ionising radiation is directly harmful to cells, non-ionising radiation is low energy and does not cause such direct harm. However, there are still many concerns about the potential for EMFs to cause various health issues.

There are two types of EMFs that are emitted by the electronic items we use every day. These are extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs and radio frequency (RF) EMFs. ELFs come from computers, phone calls and internet connections. RFs are signals transmitted from one device to another.

WaveWall anti-radiation products offer you EMF protection that has been independently tested. Our phone cases, laptop covers and other products use innovative technologies that are designed to protect you by blocking harmful EMFs and absorbing up to 87% of radiation. In the case of our Airtubes headsets, we can cut 99% of the radiation from a mobile phone.

Our mobile phone products have been independently tested and scientifically proven to provide EMF protection. The tests of three different prototypes showed that our products can provide up to 87% reduction in radiation exposure. We compared the levels of radiation without protection from our products to exposure levels when using our products, and showed that they can help to defend your health.

We have tested our Airtubes headsets, which have been shown to reduce radiation from mobile phones by 99%. Their innovative, wire-free design was compared to both traditional headphones and no headphone use. The Airtubes showed a benefit when compared to either no headphones or traditional headphones in testing, providing EMF protection when using a mobile phone.

With our EMF protection products, you can protect yourself and your health when using a mobile phone, computer or other electronic devices. Take your health into your own hands, protect your fertility and prevent health problems with EMF protection from WaveWall.

WaveWall uses innovative design to create protection against EMFs. Our patent-pending design uses a unique fabric made from metal fibres, which offer a layer of protection against EMFs. In our phone cases and laptop shields and cases, this fabric is layered between the leather and lining. Whenever you have your device turned on, the metallic layer protects you from radiation.

WaveWall products direct radiation away from you, whether you are keeping your phone in your pocket or placing your laptop on your lap. The metallic fibres act in a similar way to a Faraday cage, preventing the electromagnetic waves from reaching your body. Our products take a proven concept and turn it into a unique, portable solution that shields you from EMFs.

When you buy our Airtubes headphones, they protect you through their smart design. Unlike conventional headphones, the internal wire only goes so far. Once it stops, the soundwaves are converted and pass through hollow tubes to be delivered to your ears. Therefore, the radiation cannot be conducted through the wire to your ears. The majority of the radiation (99%) is prevented from reaching you when you use Airtubes.


5G is the new mobile technology that makes mobile internet connections faster and more reliable. Is 5G safe? For those who are concerned about the impact of the fifth generation of wireless networks, WaveWall can provide 5G EMF protection. There are numerous studies on the potential health effects of 5G, but there is not a lot of information available about how 5G could produce harmful EMFs. 5G will have more towers but also has a shorter wavelength, so knowing its risks is difficult. WaveWall products offer you protection against current and future wireless networks that release EMFs.

A variety of scientific studies on EMF have been carried out. These studies have looked into the effect the EMF radiation might have on male fertility, cancer and tumours, and other ways that EMFs might have an effect on the body. For example, one study in 2013 showed that there could be a link between mobile phones and breast cancer. Research is still ongoing to identify how much exposure to EMFs is harmful and how the damage might occur. You can explore a range of studies on our site that offer more information on how EMF could affect your health and why EMF protection is important. 


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