WaveWall Anti-Radiation Phone Cases and Covers

WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases are the most stylish way of protecting yourself and your body against the harmful radiation that is produced by mobile phones.

If you haven’t yet thought about the threat mobile phone radiation poses to your reproductive health, the statistics may surprise you. Infertility already affects 1 in 25 men, and one in five healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 is at risk because they have abnormal sperm counts.

The three prime causes of male infertility are reduced sperm motility, poor sperm viability and low testosterone levels. Scientific studies demonstrate that mobile phone radiation can cause all three.

WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases are innovative, stylish phone covers that safeguard your reproductive health by reducing the mobile phone radiation your testicles absorb by more than 85%.

Because the unique shielding material used in our cases is only on the side of the cover near your body, you are protected against harmful radiation that is emitting from your mobile. This case design means that your phone can still send and receive messages, calls and data as normal!

Our WaveWall anti-radiation technology has been scientifically proven to reduce radiation from mobile phones by 87%. This reduction can go a long way in safeguarding your future health and your fertility. Take positive steps to protect yourself, your body and your reproductive health today with WaveWall phone cases and covers!

If you want to have kids in the future, you need to take positive steps to protect your manhood now!




Sperm Motility

Sperm Motility

Numerous scientific studies have shown that exposure to mobile radiation reduces the amount of rapid progressive motile sperm.

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Sperm Viability

Sperm Viability

Both in-vitro and in-vivo studies add to the growing evidence that mobile radiation can affect the viability of sperm.

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Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Levels

Research shows that exposure to electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone reduces levels of serum testosterone.

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