Laptop Radiation Shields

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The radiation from your laptop could be a potentially serious health issue! Protect yourself with stylish yet highly protective Laptop Radiation Shields from WaveWall. We leverage cutting edge technologies so that you can enjoy the full gamut of your laptop’s capabilities without compromising your health.

Many of us would be unable to do our jobs without our laptops. They give us the freedom we need to work or study from home or on the go. But the radiation and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) generated by laptop computers carry a range of potential health risks.

Studies have linked EMF to a range of negative health outcomes from depression, disrupted sleep and fatigue to dizziness, painful / itchy sensations and headaches. What’s more, the radiation emitted by laptop computers can prove especially damaging given where we inevitably put our laptop computers when we’re using them. Placing your laptop on your lap may expose you to harmful radiation that can damage cells, disrupt DNA, and increase risk of infertility. Not to mention getting uncomfortably warm. Protect yourself from radiation and the distraction that can come with discomfort.

Our laboratory-tested accessories are scientifically proven to prevent 85% of radiation. Use WaveWall Laptop Pad for greater safety and comfort during use, and protect yourself from radiation and EMF while on the go using WaveWall Anti-Radiation case.

  • Stylish and discreet
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable when using your laptop
  • Blocks 85% of harmful radiation
  • Prevents risk of health effects caused by EMF
  • Slim and light so you can take it anywhere
  • 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Laptop Radiation Shields

WaveWall Pad


Laptop Radiation Shields

WaveWall Laptop


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