Our Ethics

Our Ethics

WaveWall is a health-conscious company and places a high priority on sustainability, ethics and the environment.

We have set out our ethical values covering the use of animal products, the environment and CO2 emissions and working conditions in the interests of transparency and you can read about them on this page.

In line with those values, we are now pledging to be 100% vegan and carbon neutral. This exciting step will bring us closer to a sustainable company and future.

No Animal Products Used

We believe in the importance of human health and also the health of all beings and that is why we are working hard to phase out animal products in our range. We are now 100% animal product free on everything through our website (although some genuine leather products may be still available through ou retail partners and Amazon).

In making our products vegan we will be alleviating animal suffering as well as improving the environment. The farming of cattle for meat, leather and other byproducts has a devastating effect on the global environment and ecology. It is much more resource-intensive than plant-based agriculture and ultimately these are resources better spent elsewhere for a sustainable future.

For further information on the impact of animal products on animal welfare, health and the environment see the great documentary Cowspiracy.

CO2 Neutral

We believe that our environment is precious and fragile. We also believe that climate change is very real and poses a severe threat to the planet. We work hard to reduce our carbon impact wherever possible in the manufacture and transport of our products.

Sadly, we can’t reduce our carbon footprint completely – yet! Therefore, we neutralise all the carbon that we cannot cut out through carbon offsets. Carbon offsetting means we sponsor the plantation of trees to “breathe in” the CO2 that we emit.

Working Conditions

We believe that everyone has the right to reasonable and safe working conditions. We work hard with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that everyone who works hard to develop, produce, package and deliver our products to you work in fair and safe conditions.

We believe that international trade has an important role to play in alleviating poverty and our products use parts from a number of different developing countries. We try our best to provide employment to those who need it most and to ensure a reasonable wage relative to living costs.

Carbon Offsets Purchased:

We use sustainable methods wherever possible (such as heating our offices and choosing packaging) and use carbon neutral methods where possible. We have purchased the carbon offsets below in addition to cover extra emissions that we cannot eliminate directly.

2017 – 5 tonnes – Download Certificate