Wholesale EMF Protection

Interested in selling WaveWall products?

WaveWall Card SlotHere are a few reasons why you should be interested…

1. What YOUR customers think

  • Two thirds of people are concerned that their phones may affect their health.
  • 39% believe their phone may affect their fertility and 50% worry about the negative effects of being on the phone for too long!
  • 88% of men keep their phone in their trouser pocket (potentially frying their sperm).

2. OUR customers love our products

  • All our phone cases have 4 or 5 star average review ratings on both our website and Amazon.co.uk
  • 20,000 people like and follow us on Facebook
  • Our products have been independently tested and proven to work (85% SAR reduction), unlike many of our competitors!

3. YOU will love us too

  • WaveWall currently has a number of resellers and distributors in more than 6 countries across 4 continents.
  • We give great fixed pricing with no MOQs! You’ll get at least a 100% markup on all products, regardless of volume.
  • Unlimited free packaging. Need to repackage a returned item or has someone dropped an item in your store and damaged the box? Just send the unit(s) back to us as we’ll repackage and return to you free of charge. Or, if you’d prefer, we can send you replacement boxes and you can do it yourself. Plus, our new packaging is pretty awesome…

What are you waiting for?

We are currently looking for additional domestic and international partners, especially in the Asia Pacific and South America regions. Please feel free to get in touch. Thank you.

WaveWall is also available from a number of resellers and distributors.

If you would be interested in becoming a WaveWall reseller or distributor then please get in touch!