WaveWall Laptop – Protect Your Body From Your Laptop’s EMF Radiation

WaveWall Laptop – Protect Your Body From Your Laptop’s EMF Radiation


Your lap sounds like the obvious place for your laptop to be but this exposes you to radiation and electromagnetic fields. The new WaveWall laptop case is anti-radiation protection for your most sensitive areas.

Wireless technology uses electromagnetic fields to pass data to the network and this field is all around your electronic devices – including your laptop. Not only that but your laptop can get hot in your lap as well and the heat and wireless radiation have been found to do damage to a man’s sperm, even causing infertility.

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WaveWall’s new laptop anti-radiation case has radiation-blocking fabric that protects your body and shields you from the electromagnetic field. It also reduces the heat from the laptop that passes to the testicles and can cause damage. It doubles this protection for you with protection for your laptop as a stylish carrying case to prevent scratches and damage.  

Why do you need a laptop anti-radiation case?

All wireless technology uses an electromagnetic field that can damage the body – including a laptop. Despite their name the lap is actually a really bad place to keep your laptop! The wireless radiation and heat can damage sperm that is developing nearby. And this could lead to male infertility.

Sperm is vulnerable and needs to be protected from electromagnetic fields and excess heat. Enter the WaveWall Laptop anti-radiation laptop case. It keeps your laptop away from your lap and has a clever layer of shielding fabric. It doesn’t just block radiation either, it cuts out some of the heat from your laptop too.

This anti-radiation fabric is based on sound scientific principles and has been independently tested and verified. It blocks 85% of electromagnetic radiation from reaching your body. This is much-needed protection against male infertility and possibly even cancer.

How to use a laptop anti-radiation case

In addition to protecting your body you protect your laptop too! The case fits up to 15″ screens for transporting your laptop safely. Slide your laptop into the softly lined case to protect it from scratches. At this point it works just like a normal laptop case or protective sleeve. Pop it in your bag or carry it around. The case is in a stylish black with red stitching design that looks great at work, at the coffee shop, or at home.

Then when you want to work on your laptop you just lay the case in your lap and set the laptop on top. It creates a barrier and shields your lap by reflecting the electromagnetic radiation away from you. Fine metallic strands in the fabric create a mesh that the radiation can’t pass through. It’s a Faraday cage for a new generation of electrical items.

Also check out the innovative anti-radiation headphones by WaveWall, perfect for if you listen to music or watch movies on your laptop.

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Great laptop case

A present for my husband who was very taken with it &, unusually for him, uses it constantly. Result!

5 Stars

very well made
Excellent performance
I also hold one against my abdominal area and chest while using my laptop to protect my body- I am electro sensitive and need this extra protection