Mobiles “cooking” sperm – more experts weigh in

Experts commenting on the latest research into cell phone and fertility describe the effect as “cooking” sperm.

Two weeks ago we brought news of an Israeli study that showed dramatic increases in sperm abnormality for men using their phones for more than an hour a day or while charging. Abnormalities in sperm rose from 35.7% to 60.9% among men who used their phones for more than an hour a day. It called for further research into the links between mobile phone use – which is damaging because of the radiation produced and used by phones – and male infertility.

More experts have been commenting on that research. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Dr Fiona Matthews from the University of Exeter highlighted the risk to men whose sperm counts were already on the borderline and said that the scale of use of mobile phones could lead to this being “an important public health issue” and joined calls for further investigation.

Research on male infertility

Professor Gedis Grudzinskas, a Harley Street fertility consultant, also spoke to the Telegraph saying, “Men need to think about their well being and try to stop being addicted to their phones.” One of the scientists in the original study spoke out on the findings to say: “I think this is a warning to men to change their habits to improve their chances of having children.”

Even those who were conservative as to the possible extent or responsibility of cell phones conceded that further research was undoubtedly needed. Extensive trials have been put off by claims they would be too expensive. For more information about fertility and the dozens of different studies done into the problem have a look at mobile radiation explained.

This is why WaveWall has developed a range of anti-radiation phone cases to adapt to the lifestyle of men while also protecting their fertility. Not only do the cases keep phones safe from scratches but they block 85% of harmful radiation from entering the body.

What do you think about these latest findings? Should there be more research into the link between mobile phones and male infertility?

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