EMF Protection Products

Many people don’t think twice about the dangers of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, but it can pose a risk to their health. It might surprise you to learn that every electronic device will produce a level of electromagnetic field radiation, which can increase both men’s and women’s risk of various health issues.

Multiple studies have found that radiation from electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops and even hairdryers, can increase male infertility. If you want to raise a family in the near or distant future, you must protect yourself from EMF radiation; otherwise, it could lead to poor sperm health, reduced sperm movement, and low testosterone levels.

In addition to damaging sperm, EMF can affect a person’s cells and DNA. Various studies have identified that EMF radiation can be linked to different forms of cancer, such as breast cancer and brain tumours.

To decrease your exposure and protect your health, you could invest in various EMF protection products, such as anti-radiation phone cases, laptops, radiation shields, Airtube headsets, and more.

When you buy one of our mobile phone products, you can trust they have been designed to block harmful EMFs, as they can absorb up to 87% of radiation. Also, when you buy our Airtube headsets, you can reduce an incredible 99% of the radiation from your smartphone. 

We here at WaveWall have also taken the time to compare our EMF protection products against radiation levels for unprotected devices, and the research proved they can protect your health.

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