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Can phone radiation cause hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by lots of factors but it is always an emotional issue. Our hair is a very noticeable part of our appearance and we use our styles to convey our personality. Having a full head of hair is linked to masculinity and virility. So what happens when that is threatened? As well as the looming threat of male pattern baldness, can phone radiation cause hair loss?

One of the problems with this question is that, with so many phones in the world, it is hard to separate the factors. Most bald men will have a mobile phone. But most non-bald men will also have a mobile phone.

Male pattern baldness sees a receding hairline and a loss of hair around the crown. This is normal and hereditary issue caused by hormones that affects millions of men, increasingly as they get older. This is an age-old issue that cannot be blamed on phone radiation.

But can phone radiation cause hair loss in other ways?

A trader who used a phone for many hours a day reported a bald patch where he held his mobile phone against his ear. The doctor who treated him suspected that there was a link between the bald spot and the length of time he spent on his phone and pointed to electromagnetic radiation as the cause.

But could the bald spot have been caused by the heat from the phone, or by the phone damaging the skin as it was held in the same spot for hours every day?

Leading hair loss clinic, The Belgravia Centre, says there is no conclusive evidence that phone radiation affects hair growth.

If you are suffering from sudden hair loss in one particular area, if there are other symptoms such as redness or irritation, your first step should be to see your GP to check if there is a medical reason. There are conditions such as alopecia that affect hair growth and other conditions that hair loss can be a symptom of.

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Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

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