Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that WaveWall really works?

WaveWall was subjected to independent SAR testing in September 2014, carried out by a specialist UK testing laboratory, UL Verification Services, Ltd. The results showed that our case reduces the electromagnetic radiation reaching your body by 87%.

A SAR test (Specific Absorption Rate test) is the internationally established scientific standard for measuring the amount of radiation being emitted from a wireless device such as a mobile phone. SAR tests apply exacting standards and have to be conducted according to rigid scientific procedures.

Please see our Independent Testing page to read the report from UL Verification Services Ltd and find out more about how WaveWall fared.

Does it matter which way round I put the WaveWall case into my pocket?

Yes. The shielding technology that is the active component of WaveWall is situated on the flat side of the case. In order for the WaveWall case to work, you need to place it into your pocket with the WaveWall logo between your phone and your body. This will ensure that the protective metallic fabric inside the case is in the correct position to prevent radiation from reaching your body, but that it does not in any way interfere with your mobile sending and receiving data or making and receiving calls.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We ship anywhere in the world!

What can I do if I spill something on my WaveWall?

The best way to clean any soiling is to carefully wipe off excess moisture using a damp cloth and then leave the case to dry naturally. Do not soak your WaveWall or machine wash it, as this may damage it. Due to the nature of the product, moisture may cause discolouration or colour to leach from the materials.

Can I track my WaveWall delivery?

Some orders are indeed trackable. At checkout, you will see which delivery options are trackable and which are not.