Can Phone Radiation Cause Headaches?

Mobile phone radiation keeps our phones working but it also has some pretty serious side effects. More and more people are looking at the effects mobile phones are having on their health. Can phone radiation cause headaches? Is this something to be worried about?

Mobile Phone Radiation: A Web of Intrigue

Mobile phone radiation and the harm it may pose has been hotly debated since mobile phones became more widespread in the 90s. Think back to then, if you were lucky to have a phone then it’d be quite the brick! It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that phones began to look more like what they do today. That is only 30 or so years ago, which is nothing in terms of assessing long term health risks and safety.

These days, we are closer to knowing whether or not phones can cause harm to us, and to what extent. However, there is still much work to be done, and despite the WHO officially classifying mobile phone radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic, it largely remains a grey area.

Recently, evidence has been stacking up to indicate that phone usage is harmful and that we need to take immediate steps to prevent it before this public health timebomb blows up in our faces.

Amongst the evidence are links between mobile phone radiation and various cancers, infertility and other highly damaging conditions and diseases. 

It doesn’t stop there, though, as mobile phones may also be linked to more commonly experienced conditions, such as dizziness and side effects.

Is There a Link Between Headaches and Mobile Phones?

The link between mobile phones and headaches has only been studied since around 2007. It is has become to be known as ‘electromagnetic sensitivity’.

Phones produce electromagnetic waves in the radiofrequency range. These are generally considered non-harmful in short bursts or small quantities, but the problem is, we don’t use our phones in short bursts or small quantities. Whilst these EMF waves are linked to cancer, infertility, etc, some evidence suggests people can develop a sort of allergic reaction to them. One symptom here is headaches.

There is one major resource on this, this EU Health and Consumer Protection Resource.

This report is very vague and maintains the possibility of EMF hypersensitivity causing headaches and symptoms without expressly confirming or denying it. However, anecdotal reports surrounding EMF hypersensitivity are rising and they show remarkable consistency, despite those reporting symptoms being seemingly unaware that they are not alone. In extreme cases, people have moved totally away from all sources of magnetic fields in a desperate attempt to stop their hypersensitive symptoms.


Lately, EMF hypersensitivity has been taken a lot more seriously. One scientific paper concludes:

“Spread of local and global wireless networks should be decreased, and safer wired networks should be used instead of wireless, to protect susceptible members of the public. Public places should be made accessible for electrohypersensitive individuals.” – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS, microwave syndrome) –  Review of mechanisms (2020)

Further evidence has highlighted increasing incidences of health complaints possibly related to EMF.

Indeed, it seems we are reaching a saturation point where public health officials can no longer dismiss hypersensitive individuals as an exceptionally rare and niche demographic.

EMF hypersensitivity may be much more common than perceived, and mobile phones are likely a prime candidate in why these symptoms are developing.

Mobile Phone Radiation and Tumours

Headaches caused by EMF sensitivity may be very irritating to sufferers, but they are largely benign and pale in comparison to actual tumours.

The idea of phones causing tumours is not a new one, and for many scientists within the field of consumer radiation, the link seems entirely logical. The question really is, for how long do you need to be on your phone to cause a tumour?

In Italy, a man was awarded a landmark judgement in a legal case, that said that his mobile phone was responsible for causing a tumour in his brain. The tumour was benign, and although it didn’t lead to cancer, he did lose the hearing in one ear.

This man had been using his phone for 3 hours a day over 15 years for his job at Telecomm Italia. This, alongside medical evidence of a rare tumour located in his ear, was enough for a court to rule that he would be paid out 7,500EUR a year until he died as compensation.

Increasing rates of several types of tumours have been found in relation to mobile phones, particularly thyroid tumours, breast cancer and potentially brain cancer. Again, powerful modern mobile phones have only been around for 30 years or so, which is simply not long enough to gain a realistic picture of quite how carcinogenic they are.

What You Can Do About It

Undoubtedly, the best thing to do is to act now. First and foremost, do you really need to keep your phone in your pocket or on your body all the time? When possible, it’s best to remove your phone from your pocket and place it away from you. The further away, the better!

Needless to say, limiting usage, in general, is an extremely effective way to limit exposure to phone radiation. 

In addition, investing in an anti-radiation mobile phone case is very wise. Blocking mobile phone radiation is quite simple. All it takes is a specially designed layer to absorb and deflect radiation so it doesn’t instead penetrate the skin.

That is where WaveWall come in.

WaveWall’s Universal anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching your body. It doesn’t affect the use of your phone at all. There’s also an anti-radiation laptop case and iPad case. To give your head and brain extra protection, Airtubes are innovative headphones that feature a hollow tube filled with air – not wires – they stop radiation from travelling to your head. We also have the WaveWall Card, a cost-effective solution for blocking phone radiation and the WaveWall HARD, for blocking phone radiation from travelling up earphone wires. 

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