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Can phone radiation cause headaches?

Mobile phone radiation keeps our phones working but it also has some pretty serious side effects. More and more people are looking at the effects mobile phones are having on their health. Can phone radiation cause headaches? Is this something to be worried about?

Some people experience an extreme reaction to electromagnetic fields. This can include headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness and palpitations. These people go to extreme lengths to avoid phone radiation, like insulating their homes or moving to the countryside.

Most people won’t have symptoms that severe. But if you have regular headaches you might want to think about whether your phone is at fault.

EMF – electromagnetic frequencies – like phone radiation are all around. Most household appliances emit EMF. Mobile phones are a bit different because we carry them with us nearly all day, put them to our heads and many people even sleep with them.

The students who did a famous experiment showing the effect of wifi signals on the growth of cress said that they could feel the difference when they slept with their phones. They had trouble sleeping and found it hard to concentrate in class the next day. Keeping a phone under your pillow or next to your bed means that you are within the field of radiation.

In Italy, a man was awarded a landmark judgement in a legal case, that said that his mobile phone was responsible for causing a tumour in his brain. Although it didn’t lead to cancer he did lose the hearing in one ear.

Given some of that evidence, “can phone radiation cause headaches?” is a good question to be asking.

But what can you do about it? You can block phone radiation from reaching your body and your brain, while still using your phone and other electrical devices.

WaveWall’s Universal anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching your body. It doesn’t affect the use of your phone at all. There’s also an anti-radiation laptop case and iPad case. To give your head and brain extra protection, Airtubes are innovative headphones. Because the top part of the headphone is a hollow tube filled with air – not wires – they stop radiation from travelling to your head.

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One thought on “Can phone radiation cause headaches?

  1. TAYLOR says:

    I have suffered massive headaches and migraines for the last 5 years. Last 2.5 to 3 weeks I reduced my phone usage both talking and surfing on the internet, and I only had 1 mild headache that only lasted 3 hours . I use to get them daily, then 3 to 4 x a week. Then reduced to o ly several times a month. I am now going to stay off Cellular smartphone and only use them with bluetooth or wire ear bud only when necessary or needed. I use to live on the phone for business and personal use for most of the day say 8 hours a day or more. Now I reduced to less than an hour a day.

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