A Life Avoiding Electronics

Every day we pass through countless different types of electromagnetic fields and their radiation. Almost all modern electronics emit some level of electromagnetic frequency and it is the science behind wireless communications for cell phones and wifi.

For some people this is a serious problem. Cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are on the rise. Sufferers can get headaches, rashes, nausea and even lose consciousness – which they believe is triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. While the condition remains unproven officially, with doctors and scientists unsure of its causes, this super-sensitivity can lead to people taking all sorts of extreme measures to avoid any kind of electrical interference, including renovating their house, stripping out their electronics, or moving and settling in towns or places without telecoms or radio.

Cabin in the woods

That might seem like an extreme case, and hopefully for most people it is. The legitimacy of electromagnetic hypersensitivity might still be in question but there are an increasing amount of studies showing the effects of mobile phone radiation, particularly on male fertility.

What makes mobile phones particularly worrying is the way we use them. What other device do you press to your face, maybe even for hours at a time? Do you carry a microwave or wifi router in your trouser pocket all day? The amount of time we spend with our phones, using them and keeping them on us, the way phones are in constant contact with the mobile network or wifi, makes them unique among all our appliances. And all that convenience might be coming at a price.

There are ways to reduce the dangers of mobile phone radiation that don’t include moving to a low-tech cabin in the woods. An anti-radiation phone case like WaveWall blocks 85% of electromagnetic radiation while allowing you to use your phone normally.

Do you fancy moving to a cabin in the woods?

Would you be able to cope not using any electrical appliances?

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