Court decides mobile phone caused brain tumour

News from Italy where a man sued for social security payment after having developed a brain tumour. The court decided the mobile was at fault and had caused the tumour plus it ordered the payments of about 7,500 euros a year. The tumour was benign but still caused the loss of hearing in one ear.

Roberto Romeo used his company-issued phone for three hours a day over 15 years while working for Telecom Italia. He himself noted that this was well above the normal one hour definition of “intense” use and argued that he should have received protection.

Now there might be a class action suit in a bid to have mobiles carry safety warnings in Italy. The court ruling is thought to be the first ever to connect mobile phones to tumours and find them at fault.

Another significant point is that the court refused to hear evidence from studies that were funded by mobile phone companies. Research on the safety of mobile phones is often wholly or part funded by the mobile phone companies themselves. Independent research on these studies show high levels of bias, where the companies are more likely to conclude their products are safe – even fudging the findings.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Romeo said he was not against mobile phone use but that there should be safety measures in place. His lawyer pointed out these could include anti-radiation earphones – just like WaveWall’s own Airbuds.

WaveWall has a full range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases and covers, including the Airbud earphones, iPad cases and laptop cases. Special radiation blocking fabric shields the body from mobile phone radiation which can cause tumours – as seen in this case – cancer and male infertility. This is because of the electromagnetic field the mobile phone produces, that passes through the body and disrupts cells and DNA.

What do you think of the ruling in this case? Should companies provide mobile phone safety gear?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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