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Do anti radiation phone cases work?

You might have heard about all the dangers of electromagnetic fields and mobile phone radiation in causing cancers, tumours and male infertility but still be wondering, do anti radiation phone cases work, really? Are they the answer to protecting you and your family against the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.

Unlike other solutions anti radiation phone cases really do work and are based on sound, longstanding scientific principles as well as innovative modern technology.

WaveWall’s anti radiation phone cases have been independently tested by an accredited UK testing laboratory applying accepted international standards. This testing proved that WaveWall gives an 87% reduction in radiation exposure – a phenomenal difference.

How do anti radiation phone cases work?

Anti radiation phone cases work by blocking mobile phone radiation, or EMFs.

Our articles what is EMF radiation? and EMF exposure and you, can give you lots more details on mobile phone radiation and EMFs. You can find many more articles as well as all the scientific and medical research on mobile phone radiation and male infertility.

So how do anti radiation phone cases work?

Metallic fibres in the WaveWall case act as a Faraday cage that blocks electromagnetic fields. The Faraday cage has been around since 1836 and is a very well known scientific principle. An anti radiation phone case is just a small version that shields your body from the phone radiation. A WaveWall case blocks 85% of this radiation from reaching the body, passing through it and damaging cells and DNA.

However, it doesn’t affect how you use your phone at all. The WaveWall shielding is only on one side of the case – the side you keep next to your body. So the phone uses the other side to send messages, receive calls, and stay connected to the network.

WaveWall cases really do work to protect your body from mobile phone radiation, preventing male infertility and other health worries.

Were you sceptical about anti radiation phone cases? Have you tried the WaveWall solution?

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Photo by Nicolas Thomas on Unsplash

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