EMF Exposure and You

EMF is all around us. We move through clouds of it – and many other electromagnetic frequencies like radio waves – every day. So what does this EMF exposure do to us?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field and you can read more about what that is and how it works in our previous blog posts on the subject.

While many people will say that EMF exposure is harmless there is mounting evidence from scientific and medical studies showing many different side effects and health concerns from EMF.

One issue with tracking the effect EMF exposure has on us is that it has only been around for a relatively short time. Long term effects are impossible to see using only short term data. Mobile phones – which we will see are probably the biggest single source of EMF exposure for most people – have been around an even shorter time.

Children today can expect to spend their whole lives in close contact with an EMF emitting device. How that might affect their health is impossible to tell right now as we just don’t have the data.

In extreme cases electromagnetic hypersensitivity can cause people to radically change their lives attempting to avoid EMF exposure. They suffer heart palpitations, tinnitus, fainting, nausea and more.

They certainly could not have a mobile phone. Phones rely on EMF to work, it is how they connect to the network. The EMF from phones fluctuates – it is strongest when the phone is searching for reception and a better connection. It is also stronger when the phone is being charged.

Add in how we keep our phones in close contact with us all day long – often for hours and hours well within the six inches of the electromagnetic field. Men are especially vulnerable in their most sensitive area: exposure to EMF is being linked in study after study to declining fertility rates.

Experts have described the effects of EMF as being like “cooking” sperm. EMF exposure from mobile phones is also linked to cancer and brain tumours.

To protect you from EMF exposure the WaveWall range of mobile phone cases cut mobile phone radiation by 85% using special shielding technology. Your body is shielded but your phone can be used normally so you get the best of both worlds.

Are you concerned about EMF exposure?

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