24 Month Durability Warranty

To sign up for your WaveWall 24 Month Durability Guarantee, please complete the form below.

If your WaveWall product breaks within 24 months of initial purchase due to a manufacturing or design defect, send us a photo of the damaged product via email plus your order details and we’ll replace your damaged WaveWall product free of charge. WaveWall accepts no responsibility nor liability for any damage to any third party items (including your phone).

Note: You only need to register once and any future WaveWall products you purchase will be covered by the durability guarantee automatically. However, you will need proof of purchase for all products in order to make any durability guarantee claims.

We’ll also send you some relevant emails about EMF, but you can unsubscribe from these at any time.

If our signup form doesn’t appear after a couple of seconds, please just get in touch. Thank you!