WaveWall iPad - Protect Your Body From Your iPad's EMF Radiation

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Get protection from the electromagnetic field and wireless radiation of your iPad with WaveWall’s new anti-radiation iPad case.

Any electrical devices using a WiFi network need a strong electromagnetic field to send and receive data. This electromagnetic field and the radiation it produces has been linked to cancer, tumours and male infertility in many studies. Sitting with your iPad right in your lap means your all-important reproductive organs are in that electromagnetic field and being battered with radiation – radiation that damages sperm. Even when not in use the iPad is still receiving and sending data, creating this electromagnetic field that passes into your body.

WaveWall’s new anti-radiation iPad case uses special shielding fabric to block the electromagnetic field and stop it reaching your body. You can still use your iPad as normal and the case will also protect it from scratches and damage. It’s a stylish iPad case that can be used as a stand and incorporate a keyboard – but with built in shielding protecting you from wireless radiation.

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