Phone Radiation Near Testicles

Phone radiation near testicles

Phone radiation near testicles? It doesn’t exactly sound great, does it?!

Mobile phones are ubiquitous – we all use them. In fact, according to Statista, there are well over 4 billion smartphone users in the world right now.

Some studies have calculated that we spend some 5 years of our lives on our phones, which might seem ridiculous at first, but even usage of 1 hour per waking day would equate to years of usage over a lifetime.

Even when we’re not on our phone, we keep them nearby. And where do you most frequently keep your phone? In your pocket, right?

And what part of your body is your pocket near…

For men, it’s pretty close to the testicles – that’s what we’re going to discuss here.

Phone Radiation Near Testicles: What’s the Problem?

We can’t afford to be squeamish here. Male infertility is a growing problem all over the world. Media coverage has been borderline apocalyptic when it comes to male fertility.

Infertility is a problem that affects individuals and couples but it concerns all of humanity and the truth is, for many reasons including possible phone radiation exposure, male fertility is probably at an all-time low.

Fertility over time - mobile phone radiation
Graph showing reductions in fertility since the 1950s – Wikimedia Commons

A myriad of factors has been investigated to find the risks and factors that cause male infertility. Of course, there are many theories including our changing diets, our exposure to environmental toxins, stress and pollution and changes in human genetics over time.

One of the lesser-known factors was mobile phone radiation, but that’s quickly changing now and some empirically robust scientific studies are now shedding light on how and why radiation affects fertility. Lately, study after study has shown a link between mobile phone radiation and male infertility.

This is because mobile phone radiation passes through the body – just like other electromagnetic frequencies like X-rays. And like X-rays, this radiation can damage cells and DNA.

In short, when phone radiation gets near testicles – when a phone is kept in the front trouser pocket or on a belt, for example – this radiation can damage sperm.

The Characteristics of Sperm

Sperm are vulnerable, both to environmental change and DNA damage. The DNA within sperm mutates regularly and these sensitive reproductive cells are far from bulletproof.

There are lots of factors that can affect the development of sperm from genetics to diet, pesticides in food, and even tight shorts – yes, the rumours are true. Sperm are manufactured constantly and need perfect conditions to thrive and survive, and when their environment is disrupted and their DNA damaged, their quality can diminish rapidly.

So in what ways does mobile phone radiation damage

Sperm Motility

Firstly, sperm motility. This refers to how well sperm can move. Sperm need to be able to swim straight and for quite the distance.

Sperm motility refers to the movement of sperm. By design, sperm have evolved to be strong swimmers, but their swimming capabilities are reduced by nearby phone radiation.

This scientific study found that phone radiation would vastly reduce the motility of sperm, effectively disarming them from being able to swim towards a female egg. You can read more about the effects of phone radiation on sperm motility here.

Sperm Viability

Secondly, sperm viability. This is the rate at which sperm can produce a viable conception. It can include whether sperm are alive or dead, but also if they have defects that would prevent successful fertilisation.

Sperm viability refers to the number of living ‘viable’ sperm that exist in any one sperm count. Not all sperm are viable for fertilising an egg. Unviable sperm could be damaged or otherwise unable to fertilise.

This scientific study found that sperm was less likely to be viable when exposed to mobile phone radiation. This was often caused by DNA fragmentation and other damage inflicted by the radiation. You can read more about the effects of radiation on sperm viability here.

Sperm Count

Thirdly, sperm count. This is sometimes used as an overall umbrella term for male fertility. Specifically, it means the amount of sperm in the semen. On average this is between 20-40 million sperm per millilitre. Which is a lot, admittedly. But this is a numbers game. A “low sperm count” is under 15m/ml. 20m/ml used to be considered low but the averages are falling by 1-2% a year, so the goalposts have been moved.

Sperm count simply measures the quantity of sperm in the sperm count. Mobile phone radiation has been repeatedly found to lower sperm count. You can read more about the effects of radiation on sperm count here.

Mobile phone radiation has also been found to affect the hormone testosterone, which is essential for making sperm.

DNA Damage

Mobile phone radiation can damage sperm cells and their DNA contents. Whilst mobile phone radiation is non-ionising, actually belonging more to the radio wave and microwave spectrum than anything else, it still causes intra-molecular vibrations and other effects that break and fragment DNA.

DNA damage
DNA damage

Think of phone radiation as shaking your cells on a microscopic level. After prolonged exposure, your cells are essentially broken apart by the radiation. This may not be of much consequence in small doses, but in larger doses over years of exposure, this can cause permanent damage.

An article published in Nature all the way back in 2004 found that phone radiation damaged our cells, possibly increasing the risk of cancer as well as a host of other cellular damage (including sperm).

As of the date this article was written, it’s already been over 15 years since this initial evidence began to surface. Since then, phones have only gotten much bigger, more powerful and they pump out more radiation than ever.

So Does Mobile Phone Radiation Cause Infertility?

The evidence strongly suggests that mobile phone radiation can cause infertility.

The alarm bells have been sounded by many scientific studies and research groups. This scientific review posted in the Journal of Integrative Andrology and Nephrology says;

This should be supported by mass media to raise awareness among people regarding the possible health effects of radiofrequency emissions from mobile phones and to minimize its exposure. – INA, 2018.

A recent Berkeley talk from Berkeley researcher Joel Moskowitz described many phone radiation studies linked to cancer and infertility. Even 10, 15 or 20 years ago, we had some idea that mobile phones would have these effects. It was dubbed a ‘public health timebomb’, an issue that we were all collectively sleeping on.

The thing is, even then we couldn’t predict quite how widespread smartphone usage would become and how powerful these devices would get. Modern phones pack colossal batteries, they can receive 5G signals and have powerful aerials.

It’d be fair to say that we’re really sleepwalking in a minefield when it comes to mobile phone radiation. We just don’t know how bad it might be – and whether it could even threaten the survival of our species.

Whilst this seems like scaremongering, there is a great degree of truth to this narrative.

If you want to read up more on the state of the evidence surrounding mobile phone radiation then head here.

To summarise, there is a strong link between mobile phone radiation, cancer, infertility and other harmful effects.

Taking action now is wise for anyone and everyone who is rightly worried about this – it could make a massive difference to your future heath and fertility.

Preventing Radiation Damage to Sperm

What can you do about phone radiation near your testicles and the damage mobile phone radiation can do to sperm?

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