Apocaplyptic male infertility predictions on the news

Apocalyptic predictions and Doomsday stories all over the news this past week as a new massive study confirms what many have been saying for a long time – sperm counts are dropping massively all over the world.

There are so many variables that dictate a man’s fertility: genetics, health, fitness, weight, stress, hormones, alcohol, tobacco, pollution, pesticides, and even mobile phones. There may well be more that we don’t know about yet.

Some of those we can’t do anything about. They are hardcoded in our genes or a massive environmental problem that we can try to avoid but ultimately have little control over. But added together they make up a man’s fertility and have their own little influences.

A guy might have great genetics but if every other area trends against him he could find himself sliding into infertility. Any one of these factors could be the one that pushes you over the edge and into official subfertile territory.

Could that one last straw to be your mobile phone? The mobile phone radiation your phone creates that has been found to damage sperm and cause male infertility. Some experts have described it as being like “cooking” sperm.

That radiation extends about six inches around your phone whenever it’s switched on – even if you aren’t actively using it. It passes through your body and has been shown to cause damage to cells and DNA. This includes to sperm, which are developing and constantly growing near to where a lot of men keep their phone all day, in a trouser pocket.

WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case blocks radiation but lets you use your phone as normal. Our WaveWall Universal fits all major makes and models of mobile phone and comes with lots of great extra features.

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