Phone radiation near babies

Phone radiation near babies

Are you worried about phone radiation near babies? Unfortunately, there’s a lot of research but very little awareness of all the problems that can happen when phone radiation is near babies. Let’s have a look at the issue, and what we can do about it.

Why is phone radiation near babies a problem?

Mobile phone radiation, also known as electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF, are produced by all electrical devices. Mobile phones also use this form of radiation to communicate with the network to send and receive signal and data.

The issue with this is that multiple scientific studies and lots of medical research show that this type of EMF can pass through our bodies, damaging cells and DNA when it does.

There are regulations that phone manufacturers must stay in line with. This is a rating known as SARSpecific Absorption Rate – which limits what amount of radiation is allowed. The problem with SAR is that there is no globally acknowledged limit and its calculation is limited.

Different countries have different limits to SAR. This is despite the obvious fact that our bodies are not any different from country to country. Plus, SAR has been calculated using an adult male as a default. It measures how far into an adult male head the radiation from the phone can go. The limits are based on that.

The problem is that an adult male is not the default mobile phone user – we all are. How far radiation can go is proportionally different for different people. That same phone will penetrate much further into the head of the average child or baby.

Other effects of phone radiation near babies

Other than radiation passing through the skull into the brain there are other problems that phone radiation near babies can cause.

A huge study of pregnant women across the world showed that the more a woman used her mobile phone, the more likely it was her child would have behavioural problems, including hyperactivity.

Aside from mobile phone radiation there are big concerns about the effect screen time has on children and babies. Too much screen time has been linked with cognitive, behavioural, and learning difficulties.

Tackling phone radiation near babies

How can you protect your child from phone radiation? Just a few simple steps will remove much of the risk.

The NHS recommends that children should only make essential, short calls on mobile phones. Supervise and limit the screen time of babies and infants – which includes watching videos and playing games. When watching videos, playing games, or listening to music, keep the phone at least six inches away from baby at all times.

The electromagnetic smog of mobile phone and WiFi networks is all around us. The Shield Your Body Baby Beanie and Baby Blanket are specifically designed to shield and protect babies from mobile phone radiation.

The WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases, laptop and iPad cases protect your device and your body at the same time. They block up to 87% of your device’s radiation from reaching your body with independently verified, scientifically-backed technology.

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