Surprising results of study on mobiles during pregnancy

A huge study just published on the effects of mobile phone use in pregnancy has just been published with “surprising” findings.

The research looked at 80,000 mothers in Denmark, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands and Korea from 1996 to 2011. Their mobile phone use during pregnancy and their children’s development was studied – and findings showed children whose mothers had the higher mobile phone use were more likely to have behavioural problems, including hyperactivity.

The early start to the study meant it was able to capture data on pregnant women who had never used mobiles, and didn’t during their pregnancy. The large-scale and global reach of the study makes the findings pretty reliable though the experts are struggling to catch up with what it may mean.

Could mobile phones be affecting the developing baby in the womb? Or are women who use mobile phones the most somehow influencing behavioural problems in their children? The latter seems to be an early response to the study from some child behaviour experts.

But mobile phone use has been linked to tumours, cancer and male infertility in many studies. These studies show that mobile phones – and the mobile phone radiation they produce – are having an effect on the body on a cellular and DNA level.

Mobile phone radiation is being linked to a global drop in sperm counts and levels of male fertility. The electromagnetic field that powers mobile phones and connects them to the network passes through any part of the body that is about six inches from the phone.

This EMF exposure damages cells and DNA, particularly that of vulnerable developing sperm. This leads to sperm that is weaker, slower and more likely to be dead or not fully formed. Some experts said EMF exposure and mobile phone radiation was “cooking” sperm.

Which is why WaveWall came up with a range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases and covers. The cases shield the body from EMF by deflecting it away while also allowing you to use your mobile as normal.

Do you think mobile phone use by pregnant women could be causing behavioural difficulties in their unborn children?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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