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Once you start researching the damage that mobile phone radiation can do to you and your family you will want to take action straight away. That is exactly why WaveWall started and what it was created to do – to provide the best EMF protection products.

What is EMF? Get caught up on all the science and news on the blog.

Now there are even more EMF protection products in the WaveWall range, all designed to protect you from harmful mobile phone radiation.

The original product and main event is still the mobile phone case. Radiation-blocking fabric shields the body and the case also protects the mobile phone for a real win-win situation. There are covers for all modern mobile phone brands, makes and models including the popular Galaxy S series and their Edge counterparts, and iPhones as well.

The new WaveWall Universal case means there are now three kinds of case to choose from. The Classic with its pull-out design, the Flip that protects your head when on a call as well, and now the Universal with even more features like slots for your bank cards with RFID protection. There’s lifetime durability guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping and free returns.

But phone cases are not the only EMF protection products you need and WaveWall has even more to keep you safe from mobile radiation.

The iPad case uses the same technology as the phone cases to protect you from EMF radiation. Use it to protect yourself when carrying your iPad or when holding it to use near your body. It can even double as a stand. The WaveWall Laptop is a handy and stylish case to keep both you and your laptop safe when carrying it. When using your laptop put the case between it and your lap and be protected from EMF by the same clever technology.

Finally, for complete all-round protection, the innovative Airtubes are headphones that stop radiation from making its way from your phone, iPad or laptop to your head along the radiation-conducting wires. The Airtubes protect your head and brain by using hollow tubes that the electromagnetic radiation can’t pass through.

WaveWall has all the EMF protection products you need using the latest technology to protect you from EMF and mobile phone radiation.

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