Can phone radiation cause cancer?

It’s a question that is getting a lot of press and attention at the moment: can phone radiation cause cancer?

There have been some high-profile cases that have raised the question in the minds of the public. The World Health Organisation gave mobile phones a Class 2B rating, which means they assessed them as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, with carcinogenic meaning cancer-causing.

But is this scaremongering, playing it safe, or something we need to be concerned about?

Can phone radiation cause cancer by damaging cells and DNA?

There are lots of studies and medical research that shows phone radiation passes through the body and damages cells and DNA. There is lots of evidence that shows how this can cause male infertility by damaging sperm. Too many damaged sperm means trouble conceiving, and a possible diagnosis of male infertility.

Could phone radiation damage cells and DNA to cause cancer?

In Italy a court case found a mobile phone responsible for causing a man’s brain tumour. It was a benign tumour but did lead to hearing loss in one ear. The court decided that safety equipment should have been provided for the long hours the man used his phone as part of his job. The ruling was hotly contested by some medical experts and the mobile phone companies.

There is also the often-quoted case of “a woman who developed breast cancer tumours right underneath where she kept her phone kept tucked under her bra strap”. Could it be a horrible coincidence, or did the phone cause it?

The problem is that there is so little research and evidence into the question. There needs to be far more study into the long-term effects of mobile phone radiation. There are too many unanswered questions about phone radiation, including whether it can cause cancer.

Until the possible risks of phone radiation causing cancer is fully understood, you can help protect yourself from harmful mobile phone radiation using WaveWall’s range of anti-radiation mobile phone cases, laptop cases, iPad cases and Airtube headphones.

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