When EMF is all around…

If electromagnetic fields are all around us, being emitted from all our electrical devices, why are we not worried about all of them?

First of all, some people are worried about all of them. There are people who – motivated by various reasons such as medical conditions or privacy concerns – actively limit the electrical devices or the wireless and mobile networks they are exposed to.

Plus, not all electrical devices are made equal. The tricky aspect with mobile phones, wireless networks and that kind of EMF is that it fluctuates constantly as it changes strength and connection, sends and receives messages. And it is sending and receiving potentially whenever it is switched on, not just when you are using it. Phones are constantly communicating with the network and searching for a connection. The harder your phone is working – whether you know it or not – the stronger the radiation.

Household appliances a'plenty

It’s about what we do with our electronics. Microwaves blast out radiation in order to do their job but it’s a very different kind than a mobile phone’s. The electromagnetic radiation from microwaves is at a steady frequency and most people only use their microwaves for a quick zap of a ready meal – five minutes once a day. You might feel differently about your microwave if it was permanently in use and whirring away sat on your desk or in your pocket. Even then it’s not boosting its EMF strength in order to send messages to far off masts.

Sometimes, even knowing the risks, such as the ones caused by mobile phone radiation, we make an informed decision that we just can’t live without ‘em. That’s where adaptations like anti-radiation phone cases come in. WaveWall blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from entering the body without affecting the use of the phone. It’s an innovative, “best of both worlds” solution that really works.

Could you go without all your modern appliances?

What changes would you make to improve their safety?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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