Wearing Your Phone On Your Sleeve

Do you see your clothes as making an important statement about who you are, or are they just functional and there to keep you warm and avoid getting arrested? Both sides of the debate are going to be interested how form meets function with innovations in wearable technology.

Whether it is the Apple Watch, Google Glasses or a coat that contains its own mobile phone charging battery it seems that making our clothes and accessories work for us is getting to be big business. And whether that gives you the chance to hop on all the latest trends or to optimise your wardrobe everyone will be taking an interest.

So it is easy to get seduced by the bright lights and shiny glow of new technology and futuristic gadgetry.

But is charging a mobile phone up your sleeve or in your pocket really a good idea?

Studies on mobile phones and their health risks have been slow to develop and there are constant calls for larger scale research.

It seems unlikely that the full implications of wearing a mobile phone charger have been properly investigated. In fact, a recent study that looked at the fertility of men who used their mobiles while charging found dramatic results.

You can find out more about mobile phone radiation but it is thought to cause cancer, behavioural difficulties in children, and male infertility.

This is because of the electromagnetic field that mobile phones and other wireless devices emit in order to communicate with their network, to send and receive calls, texts and data. This field crosses into the body – into the brain when talking on your phone and around the groin when carried in a pocket or on a belt.

Official advice is to keep phones away from the body but wearable technology is bringing them closer than ever.

Do you follow developments in wearable tech? Are you concerned about any health risks?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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