The Future is Now

In the 1950s sci fi enthusiasts envisaged a very different world for us. By 2015 you would think we were all taking to our flying cars with robots staffing our houses. An optimistic vision with a retro appeal.

And maybe not quite as “out there” as it might first appear. Technology and its achievements might not seem as mind boggling to us now, gadgets these 1950s futuristic dreamers would have marvelled at are commonplace now. And bemusing 90 year olds at this very moment.

A vision of the future

Instant satellite communication, the world wide web, the International Space Station, self-driving cars, Roombas. And of course that geeky icon – the Star Trek communicator.

Which is, to all intents and purposes, a mobile phone. A pretty clever one, in that it always knew who you wanted to speak to, but still. Along with the flying cars and monorails of the retro illustrations these devices for communication are a staple of sci fi predictions and we have them in our hands – or in our pockets – right now.

In the future imagined by Star Trek and the utopian predictions of our past there were no downsides, no side effects, to any of this. In reality these technological miracles could be threatening our future and more personal dreams.

Studies have shown that the electromagnetic fields that allow mobile phones to operate damage sperm, especially when worn next to the body such as in a trouser pocket. This electromagnetic radiation decreases the quality, speed and strength of sperm which can lead to fertility issues.

In keeping with the technological drive for a brighter future there is a solution though. The WaveWall anti-radiation case blocks 85% of that radiation all while allowing normal use of the phone. So you can have your gadgets that once seemed so futuristic and protect your own future at the same time. The flying cars might take a little while longer.

What futuristic innovations do you wish were here already?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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