Summer Health Tips

With the summer approaching you might be dusting off the beach body exercise DVDs and looking forward to firing up the barbecue. With a great summer on the horizon don’t let all the fun take its toll on your body.

Get some sun… but not too much. We talked last week about the health benefits of sunlight but sore, painful and unsightly sunburn is definitely not one of them! Cover up, use sunscreen or stay out or the sun for a few hours around midday when the sun is strongest.

Tread carefully with the coals… The trend for medium rare burgers can cause food poisoning so make sure you cook all your meat thoroughly on the barbecue.

Don’t overdo it… summertime indulgences are all very well and good but too many cookouts and ice creams might leave your waistband begging for mercy. More than not being a great look, piling on the pounds can lead to all sorts of health risks.

Break a sweat… The longer days and nicer weather are great for an after work jog or long cycling trip on the weekend. Beware too much cycling and tight shorts – the old jokes about cramping your reproductive style are true. Overheating your sperm makes them less effective.

Bottle opener at the ready… A cooling beverage in the pub garden or your own is a perk of the season but stick to your limits and the official guidelines. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause lots of different health issues.

Take a break from work… and make sure it’s a real break. If you’ve been looking forward to your holiday to unwind don’t take the stresses of work with you. No phone calls from the office, no sneaky answering emails on your laptop. Unplug and get some good relaxation to beat stress.

Think about all the summers to come… If they involve a family and kids don’t let this summer get in the way of your dreams by damaging your fertility. Obesity, alcohol, tobacco and stress are all factors causing male infertility.

Juggle your social life… If you are in high demand this summer and want to stay up to date with the latest parties and invites your mobile is going to be close to hand. Not too close though, the electromagnetic radiation that phones use to send calls, messages and data can damage your sperm.

WaveWall anti-radiation mobile phone cases will keep you and your phone safe this summer.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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