Sperm quality drops 50% with four hours of mobile phone use

A comprehensive American study showed big drops in sperm count and quality for men using mobile phones for more than four hours a day.

Compared to men who had never used a mobile phone…

  • Men who used a mobile for more than four hours a day had 50% less viable sperm.
  • Their sperm quality and strength was down 30%.
  • And sperm count was 25% less.

361 men took part in the study that saw their mobile phone habits reviewed and their fertility examined by expert at the Reproductive Research Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. The biggest issues were found in men using their phones for more than four hours a day, who had the lowest sperm counts and worst quality sperm.

Male fertility has been consistently dropping over the decades and research continues to show a link between that and mobile phone use. There are many such studies that you can read on mobile radiation explained. While there are other factors involved in fertility levels a man with already-low fertility could easily see his levels drop below the boundary with the percentages seen in this study.

Male fertility concern

How do mobile phones affect sperm?

Mobile phones rely on electromagnetic radiation to send and receive signals. This happens whenever the phone is switched on – not just when making a call. This electromagnetic field penetrates the body to distances of up to half a metre. Men who carry their phone on a belt or in a pocket are putting that electromagnetic field right over their private parts. Sperm are being produced constantly and the effects of being exposed to that electromagnetic radiation is what is showing up in this and many other studies.

It might seem that the only prevention is giving up on mobile phones but that is just not practical for the billions of men who rely on their phones every day for communication, business, and entertainment.

Modern technology might be causing the problem but it also provides the solution. WaveWall is an anti-radiation mobile phone case that blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from getting to the body. The phone can still be used normally but the body is shielded from the worst of the electromagnetic field.

How many hours a day do you use your mobile phone? Do you worry how that might affect your sperm?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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