Sleep Deprivation Info for the Sleep Deprived

Curious about the dangers of sleep deprivation but need that information in 75 second chunks or you can’t keep your mind on it long enough? Want to get some science understanding but can’t stand to read big chunks of text and really need someone to just tell it to you? Feel your attention wandering if there aren’t colourful pictures?

Then have a look at this short and colourful video on the dangers of sleep deprivation and then read on for what that might be saying about you.

Video from Tech Insider with Professor James E Gangwisch. 

Snappy, colourful, lots of animations and moving parts. But having seen what the video has to say about sleep deprivation and ADHD, a lack of focus and attention, what might that mean for you?

Sleep is essential to our bodies for all the reasons the video says. Without enough sleep we risk obesity, diabetes, depression, stress and heart disease.

Sleep deprivation and heart disease

We are more prone to mistakes and accidents – whether not checking the rear mirror and reversing the car into a pole that sprang up out of nowhere or sending an email to the wrong person.

A lack of sleep makes us irritable and stressed. At the extreme it can lead to hallucinations. Our brain and body need that downtime to process and repair.

If you find yourself recognising any of these symptoms you might want to consider your sleep patterns. How much sleep are you getting each night?

Note that how many hours you sleep is not the same as how many hours you are in bed. More and more of us are staying up at night glued to our mobile phones and tablets. Whether still working or “relaxing” by disappearing down the internet rabbit hole of clickbait. Even if you feel tired you might find it hard to get to sleep and be hoping that all the cat videos will help send you off to the land of nod.

In fact, it could be the exact opposite. The light from mobile phones and tablets matches the blue light of the sun and is sending messages to your body that it is time to be awake. You might think you are winding down but your body thinks this is daylight and it should be staying awake.

If that sounds familiar you should look at the WaveWall Sleep. It cuts out the blue light so you can still get in your late night “which Disney princess are you” quizzes to wind down but without the sleep deprivation.

Are you feeling any of the effects in the video? Could you be suffering from sleep deprivation?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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