New Year Phone Resolutions

Whether you got a new mobile phone for Christmas or are planning on your upgrade this year, start 2016 off right with these tips.

Backup your data

Lots of phones have inbuilt backup programs and there are plenty of apps so there are no excuses – use them. Most even schedule themselves so you don’t even need to do anything. You can get your contacts, photos, texts, music and all your data backed up safely so should there be a disaster it will still be a pain but at least you’ll have your data safe and sound and hit the ground running setting up your replacement phone.

An accident

Get protection

There are enough cracked screens around to remind you that your phone needs protection from the elements. A mobile phone case will help plus can be stylish and let your personality shine through for a bit of new year cheer.

You should also consider protecting yourself from your phone. Start 2016 fully in the know about the health risks of mobile phone radiation so that you can take action. Those risks include infertility and cancer but you can block 85% of your phone’s radiation with the WaveWall anti-radiation case.

Set some limits

High up on most peoples’ lists of New Year’s Resolutions will be ideas on working hard and playing hard. Your mobile phone with all its productivity apps and connectivity will help with that but can also do the opposite. Phones can be a huge time sink of procrastination – checking your social media and playing games can waste hours a week.

On the flipside, when you are trying to relax, work can continue to intrude with emails and calls. Using your mobile before bed can interfere with your sleep patterns. Take action to prevent these problems and set some limits so your 2016 is all it can be.

A happy, healthy and productive new year awaits you and your phone with these ideas.

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