Mobile Phones, Kids and You

A lot of parents worry about their kids using mobile phones because of cyberbullying, distractions from friends and missing out on social time with the family. Some people have started to see a link with behavioural issues. But is there more to mobile phones and child health?

It’s an issue scientists and medical professionals have been studying for a while now and the number and significance of their findings is huge.

Mobile phones affect everything from ADHD to brain cancer in children. With their brains still developing and bodies still growing right into adulthood, young people are at extra risk from all sorts of complications. Plus they started using mobile phones earlier, more often, and will go on to use them for longer than those of us who were adults when mobiles became popular.

Mobiles and children

The damage can begin before babies are even born. Developmental difficulties were found in children whose mothers used a mobile phone – even for just a few hours a day – while pregnant. The skulls of young children are thinner than adults and allow more of the electromagnetic radiation produced by mobiles and other wireless devices to get to the brain, where the same size electromagnetic field covers a much larger proportion of small heads.

Not only might mobile phones affect your child’s health they can affect your ability to have children at all. Mobile phone radiation has been found to damage sperm and harm its strength, speed, quality and quantity as well as testosterone levels. So even if you don’t have kids yet it’s something to think about.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your children from the health risks of mobile phones?

  • Limit the exposure of smaller children to any kind of wireless device – both because of the physical and mental damage they can cause
  • Don’t let teenagers use their phones in bed at night – they are vulnerable to electromagnetic fields when sleeping and phones are a distraction that lead to missed rest
  • Protect against mobile phone radiation with an anti-radiation case like WaveWall. It blocks 85% of the radiation from reaching your body without affecting the use of your phone

Do you worry about the health risks of your phone to you and your children?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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