Microwaves and Mobile Phones

More and more people are throwing away their microwave ovens and doing without. Why would anyone do such a thing? And what similar device is lurking in your pocket?

First of all, microwaves are big, they get dirty, and although they are very convenient they often don’t get used all that much. They don’t do anything that other equipment – like your oven or just a pan on a stove – can’t do. These days we are moving away from single-task devices. Your mobile phone is an MP3 player, TV, diary, phone, computer and camera all in one. So from a minimalist point of view microwaves are a non-starter.

Microwaves help you make bad choices. It’s easy to throw a mini pizza, a pre-made hamburger or ready meal into the microwave. But is the easy option the right one for you? If you care about your health and wellbeing, then probably not.

Plus, the way that microwaves blast the food and create the kinetic energy that heats it up can destroy a lot of the nutrients and benefit from the food. It changes the food on a molecular level.

It does this with electromagnetic radiation and this radiation is also why you can’t run a microwave with the door open – it’s just too dangerous. You are not even supposed to stand too close to a microwave when in use, so no peering into it to watch your food’s progress.

Are you convinced yet? Maybe not, maybe your microwave is just too good to get rid of. Maybe you are starting to have a sliver of doubt about exposing yourself to all that radiation and other disadvantages.

What about another device, used many hours more a day than a microwave, carried around with no safe distance and passing radiation through our bodies? Mobile phones use the same electromagnetic fields as microwaves and studies have shown how this exposure can cause health risks, especially with the increasing problem of male infertility.

Your phone – communication device, entertainment centre, map, work station, all these things combined – is a lot more useful than a microwave. Giving up your mobile phone is a very different issue from giving up a microwave.

But in order to save yourself and your fertility from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation you don’t need to throw away your mobile. A WaveWall anti-radiation case stops 80% of radiation from entering the body while you continue to use your phone as normal.

Could you give up your microwave… or your mobile phone?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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