Is your new phone more than you bargained for?

Are you getting impatient for a new phone? If you are due an upgrade or just want the latest model there are a few features you could be buying into without knowing it…
The battery life quoted in the phone specifications is generally tested under ideal conditions and you will probably find you get a lot less time out of it, and even less as time goes on. 
Be careful about using your phone while it is charging. Not only can it make the battery inefficient but using a phone while it charges has been found in at least one study to have a particularly bad effect on male fertility. 
Mobiles are achieving better and better range, connectivity and speeds for data. For many of us using the internet on our phones is more important than calls or texts. You don’t want a new phone only for it to be slow and outdated so you can future-proof by getting the latest technology.
The wireless communication of cell phones uses an electromagnetic field to send and receive data. Even when a phone isn’t actively being used it is still checking for emails, messages and updates. So you are walking around in a cloud of EMF that goes through your body, not just around it. 
That electromagnetic radiation has been linked to cancer and male infertility. By damaging developing sperm the radiation affects their ability to get the job done. A lot of men keep their phones on a belt or in a trouser pocket – right in the danger area. Because of the size of the field it is recommended to keep phones more than six inches away from the body, so in a bag rather than a pocket.
If you read the small print in your manual you’ll find that most manufacturers recommend maintaining at least a small distance when you are using it. This is to protect against phones becoming hot, especially around the battery area, which might be another contributing factor to both cancer and infertility. 
Because abandoning your phone or using it hands-free isn’t always convenient WaveWall cases are made to stop 85% of radiation from entering the body. With a stylish look and without affecting the phone’s use it is the perfect companion to your new mobile. 

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