iPhone Radiation

The iPhone leads the mobile phone pack for innovation, style and desirability. But what more sinister accolade does it hold?

All mobile phones are given a SAR level, which stands for Specific Absorption Rate and refers to how much radiation from the phone is absorbed into the body. The radiation comes from the electromagnetic field that allows the phone to be mobile and wireless so it is a technology phones are built on.

The legal limit for SAR is 1.6 watts per kg – the iPhone 6 packs in 1.58 w/kg and the iPhone 6 Plus 1.59. That’s just 0.01 w/kg under the legal limit, about as close as you can get.

There’s even a warning about iPhone radiation in the manual. Buried away in small print Apple advises users not to use or wear the phone within 15mm of the body. That’s 5/8ths of an inch and snugly in a pocket will be that close. At those distances, the manuals warn, the SAR may be over safe limits. 

In fact, the electromagnetic field radiates up to six inches from a phone, so while the amounts may be deemed safe there is radiation passing through your body at almost every point you hold or have your iPhone on you.

Particularly concerning is the habit many men have of carrying their iPhone in a trouser pocket or clipped to a belt. This puts their phone close to their privates and with male fertility rates dropping worldwide there are increasing numbers of studies putting at least part of the blame on mobile phone radiation.

iPhone radiation can damage sperm in various ways. This includes reducing the strength and stamina of sperm as well as the quantity and the amount of the testosterone hormone. Mobile phone usage has been shown to have effects described by experts as “shocking.”

To protect against radiation from iPhones, without having changing how you use your phone, the WaveWall anti-radiation phone case blocks 85% of radiation from entering the body. Available for the iPhone 6 and 6S the cases are made from leather with a choice of colour trims to fit in with your style.

Are you surprised to hear about iPhone radiation levels?

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