iPad Radiation

How much do you know about how your iPad and other devices work? Most of us are just happy to enjoy all the benefits of technology. Whether playing games, watching television and movies, or working, we want our phones and tablets to be fast, simple, and by our sides at all times.

One of the key innovations making the iPad and all other tablets possible, is wifi and wireless technology. Electromagnetic radiation is used in all wireless devices to send and receive data. The question is what affect that has on their users.

Electromagnetic radiation, forming an electromagnetic field, passes through the human body. When you hold your iPad the electromagnetic field extends around six inches from the device. For most people that means a lot of their body is going to be within that field. Including some very sensitive areas.

There are similar issues with iPhone radiation.

Holding or using an iPad around your lap places it well within six inches of your genitals. For men this is a particular concern as sperm are constantly developing. Male fertility has been falling globally for years and the blame has been placed on many factors – could iPad radiation be one of them?

This same radiation has been the subject of research on mobile phones with findings that have been shocking. Electromagnetic radiation around mobile phones has shown signs of being linked to male infertility as it damages developing sperm. iPad radiation may well be similar as it works on the same principles of wireless data transfer and uses the same electromagnetic technology.

Other health-related concerns outside of iPad radiation include developmental and social disorders among children spending time in front of screens and the effect of the blue light from the screen on sleep cycles and the circadian rhythm.

Do you have any concerns about iPad radiation?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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