EMF safety and WaveWall

EMF safety and WaveWall

If you don’t want to give up your phone you need to balance it with EMF safety. WaveWall is dedicated to keeping you safe from EMFs and our anti-radiation phone cases and other products are just one way of doing that.

We also have lots of information on the blog covering frequently asked questions about mobile phone radiation, the danger of EMFs, news about mobile phones, and health issues that can be caused – like male infertility. We also look at the science behind mobile phone radiation and EMFs and try to raise awareness so people can make informed choices that are good for their health.

Faraday and your mobile phone looks at the scientific basis behind the WaveWall shielding fabric – the Faraday cage. This is a well-known scientific discovery that keeps people safe and stop electromagnetic frequencies. We use it in phone cases but it is used by the police, in hospitals and aeroplanes, and has lots of applications.

You can find out more in How WaveWall Works.

It’s not just mobile phones and EMFs

Our recent post was on is laptop heat bad for you? Heat from your laptop is a very clear side effect but there are others too – including radiation. The WaveWall Pad and WaveWall Laptop both protect from heat and radiation.

Is phone radiation higher when the battery is low? is just one of the frequently asked questions we cover on the blog. Turns out that yes, the phone works harder when the battery is low so it produces more radiation. It’s also especially dangerous to use your phone when it is charging as the electromagnetic field is boosted.

A common idea to avoid EMFs is to put your phone in airplane mode. But does this work? And doesn’t it also defeat the point of having a phone in the first place? With WaveWall you can get protection from EMFs and use your phone as normal.

The difference between mobile phone radiation vs WiFi is also coming up a lot. Is there a difference between the EMF from the two sources? There isn’t, so if you are worried about the EMF from your phone you should also look at your WiFi. Hot tip: your lap is actually a terrible place for your laptop to be.

Is phone tower radiation set to rise? New 5G networks have been making headlines and causing division. Some people are excited about faster phone speeds, but many are worried about the health effects for people, and for the planet.

More EMF safety information

The WaveWall site has a large collection of studies on mobile phone radiation with the latest scientific and medical research. Mobile radiation explained is an excellent primer.

The True Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation is a free PDF guide on EMFs. We also have a free guide on how to Protect your Child From EMF.

From the angle of male infertility, we have really comprehensive information on

You can also find out more about our independent testing and verification.

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