EMF Radiation Free Headphones

The EMF radiation emitted from electronic devices and the damage it can pose to humans is the centre of fierce ongoing debate.

One side claims it’s all hype and fear-mongering, that EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices is negligible and can’t pose any serious harm to us. The other side claims that growing scientific evidence is becoming very hard to sweep under the carpet and that we all need to take greater notice and action to reduce our exposure to EMF radiation emitted from consumer electronic devices.

In 2015, a major landmark occurred in this debate where 250 scientists across 40+ countries signed a joint petition lobbying for greater attention to EMF emissions. They argued that the evidence is now impossible to ignore, also calling out device manufacturers for their poor testing standards.

It was not long ago that Samsung and Apple were embroiled in a so-called ‘radiation scandal’ and subsequent lawsuit where phone emissions were found to far exceed legal safety standards in the US.

It certainly seems like the tone of this debate has changed – and rightly so.

EMF and Headphones

One device scientists believe should warrant closer scepticism are our headphones. Many of us use them for hours every day when commuting, exercising, working, etc. Just because your phone is in your pocket when you use headphones doesn’t mean that phone radiation can’t affect you.

In fact, headphones potentially act as a very efficient means for radiation to travel through our ears and ultimately, into our brain.

But how?

Think of how an aerial works, e.g. a TV or radio aerial. Metal is extremely good at conducting and transporting radiation and electricity and this is how an aerial ‘picks up’ radio waves and other signals from the atmosphere. Headphone wires essentially act in the same way and can ‘pick up’ and transport radiation from within our phones to our ears.

What about wireless earphones like AirPods? Some health reporters and scientists suggest the risk could be even worse given the energy required to send a signal wirelessly from phone to earphone.

The Solution

There are two main solutions (other than limiting usage of headphones altogether).

Absorption Devices

Devices such as the WaveWall HARD connect in between your phone and headphones, meaning you can use your own existing headphones. They are designed to filter out and attenuate (reduce) radiation travelling from your phone and remove it before allowing a clean signal to travel up the rest of the headphone wire. They’re small, light, and don’t even require batteries!

Airtube Headphones

You can get special headphones designed to combat and reduce EMF radiation. These are frequently referred to as ‘airtube’ headphones, including our own WaveWall Airtube Headphones that are shown to reduce EMF radiation travelling up headphone wires by 98%!

In airtube headphones, the wire is ‘broken’ and replaced by a hollow section that contains a small speaker and microphone. The hollow section contains only air, so soundwaves can travel through it but radiation can’t. The signal from your phone is converted to sound in the airtube and then picked up the other side by a tiny microphone.

It’s very clever and whilst you can expect a small difference in sound quality, the drop in radiation is clear and obvious.

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