Does Shungite or Orgonite Protect from EMF Radiation?

We live in a world where various forms of radiation and waves are literally everywhere – and probably pulsing through your body right now. Rightly, many are worried about what exposure to radiation means, and whether it’s harmful.

WaveWall has written extensively about this, providing balanced and well-referenced information on the potential health impacts of radiation. 

In addition, the WHO themselves declared mobile phone radiation a “possible carcinogen”, and hundreds of interdisciplinary scientists have signed a petition calling for more attention to radiation.

This has sparked the development of technologies and tools designed to protect us from radiation. 

Crystal healing, an alternative to traditional medication, involves the use of semi-precious stones and crystals believed to channel therapeutic benefits. Two of these – Shungite and Orgonite – are said to protect from radiation. 

But is there any truth in that? 

A Synopsis of Electromagnetic Fields 

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation is a low-level artificial electromagnetic energy emitted by electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. 

As our world becomes increasingly digitised, chronic exposure to EMF radiation can lead to various biological changes in the body, including cell damage, oxidative stress, DNA fragmentation, neurological changes, and fertility issues. 

While this was largely unproven until the 1990s, most assumed EMF, as a form of non-ionising radiation (unlike X-rays, etc.), was harmless. 

We now understand that even persistent low-level non-ionising radiation can cause structural changes in the body. While this likely requires high exposure, billions of people rarely go an hour away from their phones. 

Even when we sleep, we often place our phones next to us. Plus, many other devices emit radiation, including laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, and even WiFi routers and smart meters. 

Combatting EMF Radiation 

To combat EMF radiation, some individuals turn to minerals like Shungite and Orgonite, which are believed to possess EMF-shielding properties. 

These mineral stones are suspended around the neck, or placed throughout a room, etc, to block radiation or harmful “energies”. 

Now, we’re not here to rain on anyone’s spiritual beliefs, but there’s no evidence to suggest these stones have any beneficial effect on EMF radiation. 

What are Shungite and Orgonite?

Shungite and Orgonite are both materials believed to possess various healing properties, including protection against electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. However, their effectiveness in this regard remains largely unsubstantiated by scientific research.


Shungite is a carbon-rich mineral found in Russia, specifically in the Karelia region. 


It is composed of large hollow carbon structures, known as fullerenes, which give Shungite its antioxidant properties. It’s around 98% carbon, the remainder consisting of heavy metals.

Shungite has been scientifically proven to purify water due to its ability to absorb chemical pollutants and heavy metals. 

A study conducted in Russia demonstrated that Shungite is 30 times more effective than activated carbon in removing free radicals from water. This is because it absorbs these particles very well when submerged in water and binds to free radicals efficiently. 

This is interesting but irrelevant to the matter of radiation. Despite its proven detoxifying properties, limited scientific evidence supports Shungite’s ability to protect against EMF radiation. 

Other studies have shown that Shungite can reduce the oxidising and inflammatory effects of radiation. These studies focused on UV and infrared frequencies, not EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices.

Perhaps you could argue that covering oneself in Shungite would protect the body from EMF (e.g. it could be added to suncream) – but it’s a rare, expensive mineral, and there’s nothing to indicate whether it’s safe to apply to the body in this way.


Conversely, Orgonite is a man-made material composed of resin, metal shavings, and quartz. It is believed to balance bio-energy or subtle life energy that connects all living things, sometimes referred to as Orgone, Chi, Prana, or Aether. 

Orgonite is essentially a made-up material with no significant qualities

Orgonite’s origin can be traced back to the work of Wilhelm Reich, a student of Sigmund Freud. Reich proposed that bioelectric energy, which he called Orgone, was responsible for various emotional and physical processes in the body.

However, the existence of Orgone energy and the alleged healing properties of Orgonite has not been scientifically proven and well and truly fall under the umbrella of “pseudoscience”. Indeed, Reich himself was a highly controversial character – his theories on orgones weren’t as leftfield as some of his other theories on sexual politics. He built “Orgone accumulators,” based on the Faraday Cage, in which he kept mice, claiming they cured cancer. 

Reich’s research on Orgone energy was banned in the United States by the FDA in the 1950s, and no one has since been able to reproduce his experiments or findings. As a result, there is no scientific basis to support the claims that Orgonite can shield against EMF radiation or provide any other health benefits.

Orgonite remains a curiosity of “new age spiritualism” and is only around 100 years old – it’s a manmade object with virtually no interesting intrinsic characteristics and is of no interest to science. 

Objects Can’t “Absorb” EMF

Waves tend to be rather large in size. Radio waves, for example, can be many metres in wavelength. 

Other waves, like microwaves, which are also produced by electronic devices, are smaller.

However, microwaves would still effectively wrap around a stone you wear around your neck, a small mineral you place on your desk, etc. 

A small object made from Shungite or Orgonite that you wear around your neck will have virtually no impact on EMF waves travelling towards you. It’s just too small – and these materials don’t “suck” the waves towards them to absorb it. 

Moreover, if the device itself is placed away from the object (e.g. a phone in your pocket), then the object will have no effect. 

The Science Behind Shungite 

There are at least two reasonably authoritative sources that draw attention to Shungite’s unique molecular properties.

One study Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Shungite against Ultraviolet B Irradiation-Induced Skin Damage in Hairless Mice, suggested that Shungite has a potent effect on free radical damage induced by UV radiation. 

Mice were irradiated with UV and then introduced to Shungite, applied topically (i.e. as a cream). The Shungite cream effectively reduced the free radical damage produced by the UV. 

This is interesting, but studies have determined that Shungite’s antioxidant effects are significantly worse than some plant phenols like quercetin, present in turmeric, kale, onions and many other organic plants. 

Another study, A Study of the Antioxidant, Cytotoxic Activity and Adsorption Properties of Karelian Shungite by Physicochemical Methods, found that Shungite was effective at purifying water – and considerably more effective than activated carbon. 

Again, an interesting study which highlights some potentially potent uses of Shungite, but nothing relevant to EMF radiation, at least not in a practical sense. You could smother yourself with Shungite – it could work – but we don’t recommend it. And it’d set you back thousands for proper “Elite Shungite,” as it’s been known. 

Scientifically Proven Methods of Protecting Oneself from Radiation 

There are concepts here which are based on genuine science. For example, the founder of Orgonite, Reich, built protective boxes that he argued shielded the contents from radiation.

These boxes borrowed concepts from Faraday Cages, which are real. Faraday Cages use metal or wire meshes to block electromagnetic radiation. In fact, WaveWall products use concepts and technology from Faraday Cages.

For example, when an aeroplane is struck by lightning, the electricity simply buzzes around the hull and doesn’t enter the contents of the plane – it’s essentially protected by a giant Faraday Cage. 

If you were to live your life in a giant Faraday Cage, you’d be largely protected from electromagnetic radiation, but it’d obviously be deeply impractical and unsociable. 

Instead, mobile phone cases, like those offered by WaveWall, use Faraday Cage technology to block mobile phone radiation between your phone and your body (e.g. the side facing you). This effectively stops radiation from entering your body without affecting phone radiation heading away from your body, so you’ll still get signal. 

Here are 4 ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation. 

  1. Keep a distance of at least 10 m from WiFi routers and turn them off when not in use, such as during the night.
  2. Consider using EMF radiation protection cases or shields for your devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops, to block up to 99.9% of emissions.
  3. Opt for wired headphones instead of wireless ones, and replace wireless devices with wired versions when possible.
  4. Limit the time spent using mobile devices directly against the body and be mindful of their proximity.
  5. Put your phone away from your head and body when you sleep. Never sleep with your phone in bed. 

In conclusion, while Shungite and Orgonite are interesting in their own ways, particularly in the case of Shungite, they aren’t effective against EMF radiation when used in the typical fashion. 

Summary: Does Shungite or Orgonite Protect from EMF Radiation?

The short and rather indisputable answer to this is no. Shungite is a relatively rare carbon-rich mineral found in Russia with a couple of fascinating properties. For example, studies suggest it’s efficient at absorbing pollutants from water and can assist in remedying inflammation resulting from sun damage when applied as a cream.

However, in terms of EMF, Shungite is totally unresearched. And, it wouldn’t work by simply wearing a necklace or placing a piece of it somewhere as the waves would simply go around it. 

Wilhelm Reich developed Orgonite in the early 20th century. It’s made from a mixture of materials and has no interesting qualities beyond those given to it by Reich himself, an esoteric character. 

Neither of these materials has any documented effect on EMF, nor would they practically alter EMF’s effect on the body by simply placing pieces of the material on one’s person or nearby.

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