Do you need the right to disconnect?

A government-mandated digital detox is on the cards in France. What is the “right to disconnect” and should it be adopted elsewhere in the world?

The French government is pushing the law that restricts the times employers are allowed to get in touch with workers and when they should be expected to work via smartphones, tablets or laptops.

It’s a growing problem: it is estimated that people spend an extra two hours a week working on their digital devices. Whether that is answering emails or making calls into the office it is time that should be used for rest and relaxation.

Campaigners point out this time is unpaid and eats into the hours we should be spending with family, on leisure activities or health and fitness. Even sleeping. A break from work is essential for oursocial needs and actually makes us more productive and creative when we are back in the workplace.

However opponents say modern business goes beyond 9-5 in a single time zone. In order to stay competitive some companies do need to work around the clock or be on call. Allowing employers flexibility to work from any place at any time is one of the great benefits of technology. Catching up on a few emails or getting a head start on tomorrow’s work can be an advantage.

One of the biggest concerns is sleep deprivation which can be caused not only by working late hours but by using a mobile phone at night. The blue light emitted by the screens mimics sunlight and prompts the body to stay awake. So even when we try to go to sleep, exhausted after a long day, it can be hard.

Sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of attention and focus, irritability and poor mood. Health risks from continued sleep deprivation and disruption to the body’s natural circadian rhythm can include stress, depression, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If you do find yourself on your phone at night, whether working or trying to switch off, there is a solution in the WaveWall Sleep. A blue light filter screen protector will help keep your screen safe and let you get to sleep properly.

Do you find yourself working extra on your phone or tablet? Do you think the right to disconnect law is a good idea?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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