Do mobile phones emit radiation?

There’s a lot of information flying around about the risks of mobile phones. In all the noise sometimes the simplest questions get lost. Like, do mobile phones emit radiation? Is that radiation dangerous?

Do mobile phones emit radiation and is it dangerous?

Mobile phones do emit radiation, yes. All electronic devices emit at least a little bit of radiation. Sometimes this is called an electromagnetic field, or electromagnetic radiation. This refers to the type of radiation it is – on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

But if all electronics emit radiation does that make it okay? Not really, because unlike other electronics mobile phones make a lot more radiation. Most electronics emit just a little bit of radiation. Similar to how light bulbs give off a little heat as a side effect.

Mobiles give off a lot more radiation, and not just as a side effect. The electromagnetic field is an important part of what makes a mobile work. It powers the connection to the network, without which the phone would be useless. It boosts the phone’s signal for receiving data. And this field is on all the time the phone is on – whether you are actively using the phone or it is idling in your pocket.

So this radiation forms a field about six inches around your phone. Then it can pass through your body. And more and more research shows that it can cause damage to your cells and DNA. Mobile phone radiation has been linked to male infertility in an ever-increasing number of studies. Also, mobile phones have been described by the World Health Organisation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” which means they could cause cancer.

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