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Do cell phone radiation stickers work?

It’s great that the danger of mobile phone radiation is getting more coverage and people are becoming more aware. But it also makes the issue trendy, and open to people spreading incorrect information. Like using charms or stickers to protect you. But do cell phone radiation stickers work to shield you from mobile phone radiation?

Do cell phone radiation stickers work?

Mobile phone radiation can’t be stopped by charms or stickers but unfortunately it seems to be a popular choice. This leaves people vulnerable to electromagnetic fields and frequencies, and mobile phone radiation, even though they think they are protected and have paid to be.

Which is a shame because cell phone radiation protection is important and also pretty straightforward.

Manufacturers claim the stickers work by absorbing electromagnetic fields, but the science just doesn’t make sense. Electromagnetic fields don’t work like that. Nor do charms that promise protection.

There is a real, scientifically backed and proven, way to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

The real alternative to cell phone radiation stickers

So, cell phone radiation stickers don’t work – what does? Anti radiation phone cases do work.

WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases are independently tested and verified to block 87% of mobile phone radiation.

WaveWall cases work by using metallic threads woven into the fabric of the case. This is a form of Faraday cage, which was invented by Michael Faraday in 1836. It’s a well known scientific principle and used in lots of different technology. The metallic threads or bars block electromagnetic fields.

But the phone can still be used as normal because the Faraday sleeve only covers one side of the phone. The other is free to receive calls, texts and data as normal. But the side against the body blocks the mobile phone radiation from going any further.

Try the WaveWall Universal – a great phone case that also protects you from mobile phone radiation.

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