Better for your fertility, better for you

Whether you are thinking about starting a family in the future or trying now these are a few tips that will bring all-round benefits to your life, not just your fertility.

Maintaining a healthy body weight helps testosterone production but being fit and healthy has plenty of other benefits. Exercise releases endorphins that boost the mood and energy levels. Those are both good for helping you conceive, as well as feeling good. So make plans to eat healthy and hit the gym – just stay away from the bicycle.

Smoking hurts your chances of conceiving and can cause various fertility problems. Of course it is also expensive and damaging to babies and children so giving up before conceiving makes sense. Lots of the side effects of smoking – including on fertility – are gone within a year of giving up. Giving up is easier to do than ever, with support available from your local pharmacy or GP and all sorts of products to help.

The electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can have all sorts of effects on sperm from restricting production to lower quality of sperm. The way men carry their mobile phones close to the body, often in front pockets right in the range of their baby making facilities makes matters even worse. Having your phone close to hand and checking it often leads to you working more, relaxing less and missing out on quality one-on-one time, so taking a break from it can have all sorts of advantages.

Regular exercise and better relaxation time, as above, will also help combat stress, another barrier not just to fertility but to enjoying life in general. A simple change getting enough sleep will cut your stress and have all sorts of other benefits – a lack of sleep has been linked to diabetes, obesity, cancers and heart disease.

What little changes could you make to boost your fertility and other areas of your life?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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