A Question of Productivity

2016 is only a few weeks away and new year’s resolutions are on the horizon. Most people want the new year to be full of success, memorable moments and seized opportunities. But there are lots of contradictory messages about how to achieve all that.

On the one hand we are constantly being told tales of the super productive, how they burn the midnight oil and lead minutely optimised lifestyles. That eighteen hour days are the way to get noticed and get ahead in life. That sleep is a waste and a nice weekend lie-in is well out of the question.

On the other hand, doctors and scientists advocate for a solid night’s sleep to make you more alert and prevent all sorts of illnesses and medical conditions. There are studies that say multi-tasking doesn’t actually get anything done quicker and that rest and relaxation, daydreaming and naps make us more focussed, more energetic and bring all sorts of creative benefits.

So what’s the answer?

One answer is that there is no universal solution. Different people have different standards and goals. One individual’s lifestyle is not going to suit everyone. A bit of experimentation with your routine, mixing things up and trying out new approaches should help you get a feel for what works for you.

What the productivity masters and doctors alike are going to agree on is that there is a lot of distraction in the modern world. Hours each week can be lost to the black hole of social media or zoning out in front of the television. This time is neither productive nor particularly relaxing and if you are surfing the web on your phone late at night you are hurting your chances of a good rest even when you do finally switch off and try to get to sleep.

Putting some thought into how to achieve a more balanced, productive year means you will be hitting all your goals and properly enjoying your hard earned extra time. Whether you spend that in business or leisure is up to you.

What are your favourite productivity tips?

How do you plan on achieving your goals in 2016?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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