A cure for male infertility?

Male infertility is one of the biggest questions that medicine and science is trying to solve. And their attempts are getting ever more ingenious, wide ranging and out the box. Have a look at some of these tests, studies and possible cures.

  • Chinese researchers have artificially created sperm using stem cells and used it to breed healthy mice. Cue the Stuart Little jokes.
  • Male gorillas are impressive, hulking, dominant creatures and may hold a clue to male infertility. Scientists are mapping their chromosomes hoping it will provide clues about their human cousins’ inability to conceive.
  • A hair-raising treatment involves electric shocks to the testes. Any volunteers?
  • German researchers have 3D printed a spermbot to chivvy along slow and unwilling sperm in their race to the egg. Not sure how the Mrs might feel about that.

But we all know that prevention is better than cure.

Male infertility is complex and has many variables – which is one of the reasons why “a” cure has proved so hard to find.

Physical health and wellbeing plays a large part. To maximise chances of conceiving men should pay attention to their diet, fitness and weight. Eating well, exercising regularly and staying a healthy size are all important when it comes to fertility.

Cut down on alcohol consumption and stop smoking. Smoking is a huge factor in sperm health, as well as almost every other area of health.

Did you know that the electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices like your cell phone can damage your sperm? This is especially relevant if the phone is carried in the front trouser pocket or on a belt. You can find out more about mobile phone radiation here and read up on all the different studies.

So in the meantime, make sure you stay fit and healthy, cut the tobacco and reduce alcohol, and protect your body with the WaveWall anti-radiation mobile phone case.

How far would you go for a cure to male infertility? Or, what would you do to prevent it from happening in the first place?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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