8 Potential Health Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation

Phones – you might be on one now. If not, probably a laptop, maybe a computer, maybe a tablet. So many of us admit to being addicted to our phones, but there might be another issue besides addiction alone – EMF radiation. 

EMF is a product of electronic devices, but phones and other communication devices emit frequencies to facilitate wireless communications, further increasing their radiation output. 

It’s worth highlighting that this isn’t radiation in the form many assume, like X-rays or gamma rays. Instead, it’s non-ionising radiation, which doesn’t necessarily cause direct DNA damage. 

The WHO has officially classified mobile phone radiation and other EMF radiation as a “possible carcinogen”. So, even in the mainstream, there’s plenty of scepticism surrounding EMFs. 

Even today, the dangers of EMF are largely dismissed. With each new study, more evidence emerges, suggesting that EMFs from electronic devices could potentially harm our health.

EMF Exposure: Health Risks and Concerns

EMF radiation falls within the microwave and radio wave section of the electromagnetic spectrum, distinguishing it as non-ionising radiation.

However, the consensus is that even non-ionising radiation can cause damage and harm under certain conditions, particularly with long-term exposure.  

Notable recent studies into EMF have found instances of gene mutations and DNA fragmentation, potentially leading to cell mutation and cancer. Another concern is the increased risk for children, who, according to The Stewart Report, absorb more EMF than adults. Moreover, some studies highly EMF’s impact on declining fertility rates and neurological problems.

This isn’t a pseudoscientific concept – 247 scientists co-signed an open letter warning about EMF’s danger, citing many high-quality studies, which you can view here.

WaveWall has been painstakingly covering advancements in EMF health research – read more about EMF on the blog here.

8 Effects of EMF Radiation

A 2018 study by Dr Martin Pall revealed eight key areas where EMF radiation impacts our bodies.

He looked at numerous studies and reviews. Here are the main findings:

  1. DNA Alterations: EMFs are associated with three unique forms of DNA damage. This includes disruptions to both single and double-strand DNA, as well as oxidation of DNA bases. Each type of damage could contribute to cancer development and significant genetic changes in both humans and animals. In addition, the most substantial mutations could lead to chromosomal changes and even gene amplification, a factor in cancer progression.
  2. Impact on Reproduction: There is growing evidence that EMFs could negatively influence both male and female fertility, including possible decreases in sex hormones leading to decreased sperm quality, mobility and motility. 
  3. Neurological Effects: A range of neuropsychiatric effects have been associated with EMF exposure, including sleep disturbances, fatigue, headaches, depression, cognitive dysfunction, and anxiety, among others. 
  4. Cellular Disruption: EMFs cause increased apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which has significant implications for neurodegenerative diseases and reproductive health.
  5. Oxidative Stress: EMFs are associated with increased oxidative stress, which plays a key role in many chronic diseases. This oxidative stress could be a factor in the reproductive and DNA effects mentioned earlier, potentially contributing to neurological effects and certain cancers.
  6. Hormonal Changes: EMFs can alter hormone levels, often causing steroid hormone levels to drop with exposure and other hormone levels to initially increase before decreasing with prolonged exposure due to potential hormonal exhaustion.
  7. Intracellular Calcium Levels: EMF exposure has been linked to increased intracellular calcium levels, which can disrupt numerous cellular functions and processes.
  8. Cancer Risks: Numerous studies connect EMF exposure with an increased risk of various types of cancer, including the brain, salivary gland, and certain rare tumours. Importantly, heavy-long term cell phone users appear to have the highest incidence of brain cancer, predominantly on the side of the head where they use their cell phones.
Brain tumours, like glioma, are on the increase

WHO Admits Mobile Phone Radiation Risks

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) marked a significant turn in the discourse surrounding mobile phone radiation. 

The organisation concluded that there was ‘clear evidence’ of potentially carcinogenic effects of mobile phone radiation.

This led to the International EMF Scientist Appeal, signed by 247 scientists, all of whom have published peer-reviewed research on electromagnetic fields.

The appeal underscores the need for more urgency in addressing the potential health risks of mobile phone radiation.

Strategies to Lower Your EMF Exposure

First and foremost, it’s wise to focus on reducing EMF exposure from your smartphone and other wireless devices, as they’re responsible for the majority of our exposure to EMFs.

  • Usage Reduction: Consider cutting down on the usage of your electronic devices to directly decrease your exposure to EMF radiation.
  • Airplane Mode: Disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi reduce radiation exposure when you’re not using your phone. Switching on Airplane mode will cut off all wireless communication, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, significantly reducing EMF exposure.
  • Invest in EMF Radiation Shielding Products: EMF-blocking phone cases are highly effective. They absorb and divert radiation away from your body. Products like WaveWall have been independently verified to block 85% of EMF without disrupting phone functionality.

Summary: 8 Potential Health Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation

As more studies come to light, it’s becoming tougher to ignore the dangers posed by EMF.

Prolonged exposure may lead to cumulative effects ranging from increasing the risk of cancers to infertility and neurological problems.

Children are especially vulnerable due to their body’s higher absorption rate. 

The truth is, we just don’t know how bad EMF could be for us…yet.

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